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  1. Zach0509

    I Need More

    Okay, Here is a fun one... I'm ready to get more out of my bike. It's a 2005 WR 450 and it's not had anything done to it. It's pretty stock. The shop I bought it at said that he had done all the free mods (throttle stop, air box, etc...) although, nothing was done to the exhaust. What are the best things I can do to get more power out of my bike, and how much of a difference will each change make?
  2. Zach0509

    How much to ask for a 05' WR450

    I would think you should be able to get at least 4500 if it's not be ridden hard or wrecked. I ride the same bike, and mine has about the same # of miles on it. I would sure hope to get at least 4500 out of it, but I guess it all depends on where you live, and how much demand there is for it. You may want to consider waiting until spring to sell it (unless you are in a pinch) you would likely have more buyers in the spring. Good Luck!
  3. Zach0509

    Insane gattling gun video!

    That's Crazy! I want one of those on my Bike!
  4. Yeah, but now you're talking about a 408lbs bike!!! you might as well just have a streetbike and a sweet dirtbike... especially for the $$ of a KTM
  5. Zach0509

    WR250f - Dune Report

    Great Pics, Looks like some pretty big dunes! You ought to try the 450 out on the sand... they extra power is great! Thanks for sharing those! There is no funner place to ride than the dunes in my estimation!
  6. Zach0509

    Coolant is boiling!

    I boiled mine too, it's no big deal... I just pay closer attention to my radiator now than before. I ride the sand a lot, so it's always a concern when you are riding hard, but not going very fast. I'm going to switch to engine ice, perhaps you should do the same... cooler engine = longer time before rebuild!
  7. Zach0509

    new grey wire question

    De verdade, Acho que nao faz difference! Eu cortei meu e nao parece differente
  8. Zach0509

    Oil Leave on Dip Stick

    And if you check it too soon after running, it just comes pouring out of the dipstick hole! I learned the hard way this week that you can't check the oil level if the engine is hot! I changed my oil 3 times this week, because I thought there was a problem! I'm new to 4-strokes, so I was baffled by this engine oil issue. Oh well... Good News: My engine is clean as hell! Bad News: I've spent $15 on oil this week! Take it from me... you can't judge the amount of oil by your dipstick just drain it all out, and fill it with the proper amount.
  9. Zach0509

    2005 wr 450

    Nice buy... Got mine for 5800, but OTD was more like 6,200! But it was brand new!!! It's amazing how 4 rides cost $700! Glad the depreciation tapers off after a while. Be happy you arent on a 2-stroke... those go even faster.
  10. Oh hell, I'm at work... gonna have our webmaster asking me why I'm on a porn site! I'll think of something and it won't be a lie this time
  11. Zach0509

    Oil Change

    order shouldn't matter, but if the oil isn't pretty warm, the frame drain takes for ever! I'll give it a shot tonight, if it still rushes out the dipstick hole, I'm just gonna ride the bitch. I'm confident with the amount of oil I have in the bike, so whatever... if it bleeds a bit of oil oh well. Thanks guys
  12. Zach0509

    Oil Change

    Thanks Dan, But when the engine is hot, are you able to check your oil level through the dipstick? Or does it come rushing out of yours as well.
  13. Zach0509

    Oil Change

    Sorry for the newbie question, but I am really stumped! Follow-up Questions: I changed my oil again, draining both the frame (Bolt on lower front of bike... Right above the skid plate) and the main oil plug in the bottom. After draining the oil and refilling, I started the bike and ran it for about 5 minutes. Then I checked the oil level with the dipstick, and again, the oil came pouring out. Is this normal? Can you not check your oil levels if the bike is hot? I understand there is a pump that pushes the oil up into the frame, and perhaps it takes a while to go back down into the engine... hell, I don't know that's why I'm asking. 2nd Question: In the owners manual it shows 4 points you should drain... the frame, main plug, plug beneath the oil filter, and then a small one beside the main plug (looks like the lowes point on the engine). Because I couldn't get to that one very easily, I didn't open it... figuring that it's only a minimal amount of oil in there. Is it absolutely necessary to pop that little one too? 3rd & Final Question: I'm pretty confident I have enough oil (my cup runneth over) in my bike, I'm going out this Saturday. Will I damage my engine by having too much oil in it?
  14. Zach0509

    Lost 05 WR450 Owners Manual

    I'll have to check... I'll let you know tomorrow 11/14. Also when you are there as if they will reproduce a copyrighted owners manual, just so we can see what their rules are on that. I certainly wouldn't be selling it to you, I would only charge you what it costs to produce and send, (I'll include the reciepts for you). I don't think Yamaha would get upset about that?
  15. Zach0509

    Riding in sand

    I pretty much only ride in sand, but that's at the dunes... definately stand up, as your front tire will want to wash out all the time. Standing lowers your center of gravity to the pegs, and makes it much easier to ride. Also, don't try to "steer" your bike... just lean and go with the slopes. put your inside leg down on turns, so if your front tire does wash, you can pivot on your foot. Everything else is good advice too... it just takes practice, once you get good at riding sand, you will love it!