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  1. I had my 02 520exc at 93mph on stretch of paved road that was not very smooth; there were several dips and bumps. I held it wide open in sixth for maybe seven or eight seconds, so maybe it had a little more in it? Another time on a farm field it read 72mph in sixth, but there was so much wheelspin I couldn't get really true reading. It felt like a hundred though! I have a trail tech odometer on the bike. I haven't had the chance to ring out the new 450exc yet.
  2. Hey everyone, I live in Massachusetts where we are looked at "unfavorablely" to say the least. I'm curious; even with the certificate of origin being clean(no stamp saying not for highway use) you guys in CA still have to jump through hoops? The green/red sticker takes presedent over being able to register your EXCs? When I bought my 520 in 2002 and my 2006 450 I just go to my insurance company then the DMV and presto; street plate! Of course the bike will not pass the safety inspections we have here for a sticker, but at least I can link up trails by using the roads.
  3. I live in Osterville however I don't ride anywhere on the cape. There are a lot of trails, but because of all the development it is hard to link them up in the mid-cape area. I try to do the right thing so I stick to the state forests (Freetown and Wrentham etc..) The EPOs are definately on the prowl too. I do belong to Pilgrim Sands Trailriders ( where we ride and put on enduros and hare scrambles down in the Freetown area. Just my two cents.
  4. Good choice on your purchase! I also have an 06 450exc and I feel like a hero everytime I ride it. I am up in New England where we have really rocky, muddy, crappy trails and this bike rocks! My previous bike was a 520exc and I don't miss the extra power at all. Also like everyone else stated, neutral is an adventure is itself to find.
  5. I love my 06 450exc; especially the way it handles. The power is perfect for the tight woods riding that I run here in Mass. The one thing that I noticed with the 450 is that it doesn't seem to have alot of bottom end grunt. This however, may be because I own a 520exc also. The 520 is super strong with a lot of torque, but I feel faster and less fatigued on the 450. I do plan to install the JD jet kit and lower the gearing by two teeth. Just my two cents.
  6. Hey this is my first post here. I bought an 06 450 exc with a scott's damper, moose hand guards, msr sharkfin, and a skidplate from Cliff's Cycles in Norfolk, MA for $7398. I know I'm on the other side of the country from a lot of you guys, but Cliff's has outstanding service. They also will give a 10% discount on parts.
  7. This is the first post that I have written, as I don't spend a lot of time on the computer. I can sympathize with you because I live on the Cape {osterville}. This is the reason I don't ride anywhere close to home. All my time on the bike is spent down in Freetown or Wrentham. There is always a few that ruin the good times for the riders like us that want to do the right thing. I get the feeling that we will never be accepted down on the Cape. I wish all the riders could work together to get a riding spot opened, but I just don't see it happeing.