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    When sending email to your legislator, make sure you include your name, phone#, and email address. I had Mark Miloscia phone me from the floor, during session, to discuss a bill -- he said it adds a lot of weight when you include your contact information....Cheers.
  2. radioactivefish

    Spark Arrestor Required/Enforced?

    Just be aware that if there is a fire in an area you passed through without a spark arrestor, you may end up spending a lot more on lawyer/court fees than it's worth. You might even end up on the hook for the fire related expenses as well. I believe this did occur to a guy in WA this year.
  3. radioactivefish

    Urgent! Please Read Immediately!!!!

    Did this make it into the paper as well (not just online)? Just curious if all the locals were able to see it without going online.
  4. radioactivefish

    Noise demonstration in Olympia Nov9

    After I received the email from the college saying the files would be removed, the web site was no longer accessible. I believe the username/password prompt is just the system administrator's way to guarantee that nothing gets put there since we all apparently continued to try and connect -- besides, it wouldn't do much good to have a web site that no one can see. Also, given that the college agreed that the site was a violation, it would just be plain stupid for them to allow it to remain. I think this is a non-issue at this time and that we should concentrate on Wednesday's event as well as the problems addressed elsewhere with the Burnt Hill issue in Sequim.
  5. radioactivefish

    Noise demonstration in Olympia Nov9

    YamaMama64, I'm not sure if I'll make it to the hearing -- I have to head to the other side of the state and am not sure if I'll make it back in time. If not, perhaps you could a use the following (preferrably prior to the test to nullify the whole thing): If, as indicated earlier, the bike is to only have a straight pipe, no muffler, silencer, and spark arrestor, then insist that the person doing the demonstration be fined per RCW 46.09.120, section (1), subsections (d) and (e) if they start the bike -- only a legal test should be performed. If they do have the equipment required by the RCW (doubtful or it won't be much of a presentation), then press for a violation of subsection (i) -- operating an ORV at the Capital is not an approved site (unless of course someone from our side shows up with a quiet ORV as well). Here's the pertinent text of the RCW: RCW 46.09.120 - Operating violations. (1) It is a traffic infraction for any person to operate any nonhighway vehicle: (d) Without a spark arrester approved by the department of natural resources; (e) Without an adequate, and operating, muffling device which effectively limits vehicle noise to no more than eighty-six decibels on the "A" scale at fifty feet as measured by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) test procedure J 331a, except that a maximum noise level of one hundred and five decibels on the "A" scale at a distance of twenty inches from the exhaust outlet shall be an acceptable substitute in lieu of the Society of Automotive Engineers test procedure J 331a when measured: (i) On any public lands in violation of rules and regulations of the agency administering such lands Cheers...
  6. radioactivefish

    Urgent! Please Read Immediately!!!!

    I sent my email off to DNR. I included a link to the scanned image of the ad and asked them to take this in consideration regarding any negative comments that they receive from the area. Now on to the letter to the editor.
  7. radioactivefish

    Noise demonstration in Olympia Nov9

    May I suggest that we don't send any more letters/email to Evergreen? They've resolved their involvement with the situation -- no need to piss people off unnecessarily -- we may need them on our side at some point.
  8. radioactivefish

    Noise demonstration in Olympia Nov9

    I just recieved reply from Evergreen. It also appears that the web site is no longer available (at least from Evergreen). One down... ----------------------------------------------- Thank you for letting us know about your concern. In reviewing the site, it seems clear that it is not an appropriate use of our college servers. We have taken steps to ensure that this site is no longer accessible. Ms. Zita has been notified regarding appropriate use of college resources and provided with instructions to permanently remove the files. Again thank you for bringing this to our attention and allowing us to address this in a professional manner.
  9. radioactivefish

    Noise demonstration in Olympia Nov9

    For what it's worth, here is a copy of my latest email to Mr. Purce. The members of his staff that I cc'd are: John Carmichael - Administrative Assistant, Edie Harding - Director of Government Relations, and Lee Hoemann - Executive Associate to the President. If I don't get a response from this then it's on to the state ethics board -- unfortunately this is a paper process -- no email to the board. Also as an update, there has not been a response from the AG office as of yet. One last note, a friend of mine is a state representative. He told me that as few as 10 emails or letters will get a representative or senator's attention. We need to start writing! ----- Dear Mr. Purce, Since I have not heard back from you regarding my concern, I have also cc'd several members of your staff in case you are not currently available. My sincere apologies for my impatience regarding this matter. As stated in my previous email (attached), I believe that Ms. Zita is violating state ethics code. Specifically, WAC title 292-110-010 Use of State Resources, section (6) Prohibited uses, sub-section ( which states: "Any use for the purpose of supporting, promoting the interests of, or soliciting for an outside organization or group, including, but not limited to: A private business, a nonprofit organization, or a political party (unless provided for by law or authorized by an agency head or designee);" Ms. Zita's web site for "CORVN: Coalition against ORV Nuisances", which is hosted on Evergreen State College computing equipment, is clearly a violation of this code since it promotes an outside organization. Prior to submitting an official complaint with the state ethics board, I wanted to give you an opportunity to address and correct this violation. If I do not hear back from you in a timely manner, I will assume that you disagree with my assessment of the situation and I will proceed by filing a complaint with the state ethics board. Thank you for taking the time to address my concerns.
  10. radioactivefish

    Noise demonstration in Olympia Nov9

    After some research (I'm still waiting to hear back from Evergreen's president and the Attorney General's office), I think filing a complaint with the state ethics board (http://ethics.wa.gov/forms.html) might be the solution. It appears (to me at least) that Professor E.J. Zita is violating WAC 292-110-010 Use of State Resources as well as RCS 42.52.160 Personal Use of Public Resources. Maybe a few complaints will get the web site removed. Cheers...
  11. radioactivefish

    Noise demonstration in Olympia Nov9

    To counter their over kill (unsilenced race bike), I would think that 1 very quiet quad or bike would be very good to counter their challenge -- too many bikes, even if quiet, might just add fuel to the fire. A nice loud lawn mower might be good as well to show how quiet orv's can really be and how ridiculous this whole thing is. Just my .02 worth.
  12. radioactivefish

    Noise demonstration in Olympia Nov9

    I just sent an email off to the president of the college (purcel@evergreen.edu) asking why they allow the use of state funded equipment for political agendas. It will be interesting to see if he reponds.