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  1. squirrelysquire


    For a pitbike, the electric start is not any good, just extra weight. I mean we should be strong enough to start a pitbike-lol. The aftermarket parts are expensive from GYTR, but if you wait a couple of months they will come down. The only problem is that in order to fit it, it seems like you have to spend $400 which is about the same price as a CRF with a barkit. I ride a yz105. I am sick of bigboring the stock 85 motor, I wish they would build a stock 105 like the ktm with the Force reed system, that would be GREAT, especially with big wheels.
  2. squirrelysquire

    This amateur can scrub.

    hes a great rider, i raced 80s with him. he is a year older and has always been a awsome rider
  3. squirrelysquire

    50 Caliber

    I get a good deal, but if there stuff is JUNK then I will just use the little stuff from them, like footpegs and skidplates
  4. squirrelysquire

    50 Caliber

    Im building a 50, and 50 Caliber is willing to cut me a deal on some parts. Are they any good? Has anybody heard of them before? There parts look good besides the front forks, but what do you think?
  5. squirrelysquire

    crf barkit

    well i was goin to ge a bar kit, just didnt know which one. I have sed the bbr, but what other kits are good. The fast 50s, Sano mx/ bmx, etc..
  6. squirrelysquire

    crf barkit

    What handlebar kit is the best for the crf50. I know that what the taller person likes, but what about for someone whos about 5 1/2 ft. tall.
  7. squirrelysquire

    ttr vs crf

    Thanks, I new the crf was a better bike, but how much better? I know now. I have never rode the ttr but a stocker throught the woods and it didn't pull well .
  8. squirrelysquire

    ttr vs crf

    which is better? ttr or the crf 50. I know that the honda has been out longer, and there are more mods to buy for it, but which 50 is the best to get.
  9. squirrelysquire

    KLX110 forks???

    The kx60 forks work great, but the kx 65 forks work even better. I would use the 65 forks.
  10. squirrelysquire

    SX65 playbike

    Thats a good point, but you are (in the long run) going to spin more on the 65 then you would on a 50. You can set limitations on how much to buy for your 50, but on the 65, wut if something breaks. I only weigh a 120 pounds and i stopped racing a ktm65 3 years ago. Back then I only weighed 80 to 85 pounds and still burnt clutches out, top ends, and bottom ends. The 110 motor is a great motor, and it is a great idea to put it in the ktm frame, plus you could find someone who races quads and they might be interested in the 65 motor. You would have to do a lot of work on the suspension in order to get it to be stiff enough for you, but it is possible. My dads pit bike is a ttr125 with yz 85 forks, shock, swingarm, and wheels on it. We put the supermini wheels and swing arm on it to make it taller. Rides great. Over all, if I was you, I would use the 110 motor, big bore it out to a 134, and put it in the ktm frame.
  11. squirrelysquire

    ttr50 or crf50

    well i am a kaw fan also. i heard that the crf is faster but the ttr pulls stronger. in a pitbike race, the ttr was pulled to the first turn by four crf's. there could be a lot to cause that though, like the ttr was the only bike without a pipe and airfilter, also though, the ttr had the smallest rider. so i don't know, which ever is cheaper i ques
  12. squirrelysquire

    ttr50 or crf50

    ttr 90 is a great bike i have one myself and it is a blast to ride around. i think i am going to get a crf just cause i dont want a first year bike. also the parts are harder to get for the ttr because you cannot just go to a dealer and get them like a crf you could. but i will wait a month or two and see what progress they have made.
  13. squirrelysquire

    ttr50 or crf50

    i dont know, there is more to buy for the crf and it ia a proven good buy, but i am a yamaha fan, so i'm not positive. i dont like the idea of buying a first year bike.
  14. squirrelysquire

    ttr50 or crf50

    thanks for the help guys. p.s. nice smileys
  15. squirrelysquire

    ttr50 or crf50

    I race alot of pitbikes when i have a off weekend or a pitbike race at the track. I was wanting to know what people think of the new ttr50 cause i want to get one for some local skateparks and bmx dirtjumps. I am not forsure about what 50 to get, I am a yamaha fan, but if the honda is better, than i will get that.