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  1. if you don't mind driving a to LA , LA Honda has always had the best prices. I have purchased 5 bikes from them. You can also go on line and they will give you a OTD price . the web site is WWW.lacyclesports.com.
  2. I'm from Kingman and have raced the track a couple of times. If it is the same as when we raced it $250k is to much. no whoops no doubles just a bunch of table tops and berms. there is also one small building on the property with no water or power.
  3. we make between 6 and 10 trips a year to Ocotillo wells(about 45 mins west of Glamis)we are always looking for some riders to got with us. I live in Kingman AZ and Ocotillo is about 5 hours from here. Been to Glamis a few times when we lived in San Diego but always seemed to get hurt by some drunk idiot not paying attention.
  4. what year is your CRF and if you don't mind how much did it cost you to have your front forks and rear shock done. Randy
  5. I have heard of this track but never have been there. I would like to race it is there a website? or can you give me directions.
  6. azmountainthumper, My son and I are always looking for someone to ride with please contact me if you ever want company on a ride. I live in Kingman and both me and my son are intermediate riders. I ride a CRF450R and my son rides a CR125. Randy
  7. I agree that there are some idiots out there but I for one will take a chance on helping a rider in need and keep the hope alive that there are still some good honest people still left in the world. Randy
  8. My name is Randy and I live in Kingman Az. I would be happy to come down anytime and start you bike for you just let me know. Randy
  9. I lived in San Diego for 10 years and was forced to move because of my job. My family and I still spend about 20 days a year out at Ocotilla wells. My son wants to get into racing and I wouldn't mind finding a old man class I could race. unlike Calf. the race tracks are few and far between in Az.
  10. best bike I have ever owned by far.
  11. I live in Kingman which is about 100 miles from Las Vegas. I ride a 05 CRF450 I raced in California for a long time and moved to Arizona now my son and I are looking for a place to race.
  12. Has anyone rode or heard of Big River MX in Parker Az.
  13. I heard a rumor of a new MX track in Parker AZ. does any one have information on the track or has anyone been there and is it worth the drive or not. Randy20