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    How do I dump the battery on an SL 125

    Thanks fellas, very good information. Exactly what I need to know. And yes MadDog, it is a Penda! We're gonna have the NW full of these little things. Maybe we can start our own Penda class! When are you and the RoadDog comin' back to Woodland Hmmm? Gonzo
  2. I'm putting together a hybrid bike w/ a big bore kitted SL 125 Honda motor. My question is how do I get rid of the battery on this bike? TL ignition? Has anyone tried one of those battery eliminators they sell on Ebay for this application? Also was told by a guy that has one, that he used a 1972 SL 175 honda ignition (no key) in his to solve this problem, but he said I'd probably have a really difficult time finding one. He was right! Also looking for the same fix for a 74 SL 175. Really don't want to go the "total loss" route if at all possible, but have to keep the points system to be AHRMA classic legal. Any thoughts gentelman? Gonzo