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  1. Here is me on my 2010 yz450f for a couple hot laps on a whooped out sand track. Awesome.
  2. Bump i need the reply as well...?
  3. new numbers. seat and engine cases are in but not installed.
  4. ahaha read the first part bro. it comes out the side. and if you look on google the back has no exhaust coming out. this truck is so clean and so flowing so beauutttiiiful. the only thing that sucks is its not all wheel drive. lightin up the tires in 2wd is something that everyone can almost do.. now you take a small ass truck like that.. with 505hp stock.. hahha and make it do a all wheel drive burn out? now thats impressive. Imagine this thing supercharged! chevy please make it into production. the old "ss" was a great hit to alot of people!
  5. 4 and 32 are my favorit. NOTHING beats ripppin right beside your best friend.
  6. I Just put Pre Prints on my Bike... Here they are Installation wise was actuallly very easy, you gotta do a little stretching and heating but all i used was a hairdryer and soapy water. the fit and finish is great and i think it looks great as well. For my circuit Cmrc... or Adra... in aberta provincial series for junior you neeed this color combination. i got mine from factory effex.. came in about a week.. cost 80 bucks canadian.. well worth the money in my opinion.
  7. Bought September 15th... raced Once and Just showin some update pics. Start when it came home. most of all the pictures are from a Razer2. so bare with me. Trailer Hoome... After The race About a month and a half ago: Quickstart, Oil Plug, Flex Clutch Lever Installed Last Night: New custom Factory effex Dx1 Standerd Series Numbers, Bar donuts, Ktm Billet Brake Resivour Covers and Oil Filter Cover, Ktm Duel Compound Grips, Installled. My New Numbers didnt cover the whole airbox lid like the decalworks ones did.. so i had grip sheets lying around.. (clear) so i thought of a idea that would look cool.. as signing the airbox and putting grip sheet over it. (the frame looks tacky but use of a heat gun after made it loook sharper) has anyone ever seeen this? And Finallly My Bike as it sits right now.
  8. for 80-100 bucks... i think it was worth it. ive noticed i can come out harder and stronger and be more confident. for me it takes the wheeelyin out of the gates off my mind so i can concentrate on other things.
  9. The first pic is actuallly reallly goood. loooks reallly hard. as your fooot is right by your fork...
  10. haha ive never understood that either... bikes like that with that much money into them.. that you cant even take them on a track or hit anything reallly big or go really fast on or anything. I would just buy a big bike? haha i just dont get it.
  11. haha slightly illlegal? i bought the bike actually from a liscensed Factory Ktm mechanic.. that also was a factory rider. The bike was alot differnt when i seen it in display but also eveything.. i mean everything was replaced so basicallly i got a sweet deal on a bike that was actually tricked out. He also told me that if i needed another pair of graphics he would be able to get me some since i already knew they were like impossible to get. so i doubt that they would be illlegal? haha and quicktoy was actually the one who told me about those engine cases. mine are sitting in my garage as im wating till next oil change to put them on quicktoy id like to recommend the flex levers from hardparts. ease of installation plus they look trick and function like any asv. truely i never even knew about the hardparts book. haha i cant wait till all my other stuff comes in.
  12. doesnt service honda make the production cr500af?
  13. it seems that everyone is having this trouble with 250 sxf. mine is only on its second oil change.. so who knows. but same with me.. starts cold perfect... but as soon as its hot and i drop it in a race it just fire. The worst thing also is when your in a race you dont have time to actually turn off your pet cock and kick and then turn it back on. You should be able to actually bring up your bike... pull in the hot start give it 3 or so kicks from tdc and it should fire. everything about my ktm i couldnt even dream of a jap bike doing. the only thing i hate is the starting hot. im not sure what jets im using but im about to find that out tommoroow me and my mechanic are gonna open it up and see what we can do about it. but that test is right travis thats how it should work. but sometimes even still with this bike it just doesnt want to go.. and its not like its 5 or so people.. its almost every bike. i posted a thread on this months ago and it was 2 or 3 pages. look for starting hot sos... or something like that.
  14. ill Get updated pics. Now i have billet orange covers for back and front brake reseivours billet black engine cases same as above... billet orange ktm flex levers sdg ktm tall step seat billet orange oil filter cover billet orange brake guard And Orange Factory tripple clamps on the way