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  1. Washington

    I-90 motorsports is having a ride this sunday if anyone want to go see there flyer at i-90motorsports.com
  2. Washington

    it was I-90 motorsports that was at the fringe poker run they stock the srs crossfires and the enduro soles as well as alot of the dual sport boots
  3. Washington

    Hate to see it but just got back from riding east and packed out a full trash bag come n guys just pack it out. I might think it was not dirtbikers but i found troylee labels so I know it was us Please pick up your trash before they close another riding area brent
  4. Washington

    We at i-90 motorsports are building a crf250x and are going to try next week to put it through will keep you posted on what happens Brent
  5. Washington

    Call I-90 motorsports 425 391 4490 to get on the list. there will be a bbq and reps from tucker rocky and western power sports.
  6. Washington

    i know I-90 has roll chart holders in stock
  7. Washington

    I-90 Motorsports is having a customer day at eddieville this sunday just call them thay have a sign up at the store. I will post the flyer tomorrow Brent
  8. 11111
  9. forwardair.com i have sent lots of bikes across the country with them brent
  10. i had dr oseto at evergreen knee and ankle do both my knees in the last 2 years and everything was great. In that office is also dr rolfo who has done 3 of my friends knees and all were very happy
  11. Washington

    i am in need of a 6 gallon 05-07 ktm tank as acerbis is running 3 weeks later than they thought when ordered. anyone have one for sale, rent, borrow? thanks Brent 206 399 8030
  12. Washington

    no not dnr just wondering as i have heard alot of things about walker and want to do what i can to keep it open
  13. Washington

    So it has been a few months since I was last at walker and today was awsome. lots of snow made for interesting riding for sure. But what we came accros was a trail that I am guessing was made of the cowbell but not sure. it is down the road from the end of coyote and was a great trail but once we got a .5 mile in we stopped and wondered if this was one of those trails that people are just making as it was not as ridden as the first part. does anyone know of this trail and should we go back and close if off?
  14. Washington

    Stay off the south fork trial it has a few deep ruts that need to dry out and windy is still under snow but the low stuff sure was fun
  15. We would like to thank everyone who came out to this event. It was a great sucsess and we would like to asy a very special thank to dave for waiting until sunday to get his new CRF150R. Thanks to Matt Webb for bring his raffle over and helping make the event that much better. The staff at I-90 motorsports