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    Bike stalls when choke is off

    On 2 strokes bad crank seals will do this. About a year ago I had to replace the seals on one that the owner had put a brand new carb on. The dealership that I used to work at repaired them all the time. I see from reading the thread that he got it fixed. Like I said in my original post, do eveything else first, and then if it still does not idle it probably needs seals.
  2. motopsyco

    How far have you jumped?

    XL 500, twin shocks, 39 year old body, about 20 feet, every weekend
  3. motopsyco

    Bike stalls when choke is off

    Go ahead and clean the carbs etc. but the number 1 reason these little Yamahas will not idle is bad crankshaft seals. Unless you have the knowledge and tools to split the crankcase, the cheapest thing to do is to take it to a reputable shop. Hope this helps.