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  1. Guys, thanks for the write-ups and opinions of the Fatty. I have one sitting in the garage waiting to be installed and replace my Pirelli Scorpion Pro, which I love and have no complaints about. Just have always been intrigued with the Fatty and want to give it a try. I've also been debating replacing my beloved MT-16 with the M5B. Not sure yet as the MT-16 has been a fantastic tire for me in all sorts of Northeast terrain. NW_drz - that M5B is one mean meaty looking tire.
  2. Nice write-up firffighter. Your enthusiasm and excitement was exactly how I felt when I first rode my 2016 390RR. Still feel the same way every time I ride it.
  3. Sounds like you are having a blast on that 2-stroke. Poor 350...
  4. When I bought my 390RR it was wired for turn signals. I ended up installing some Sicass LED flat mounts for the rear and some of the LED flex mount turn signals for the front. So far no problems after 1,300 miles.
  5. I'm going to keep the fan and try to fix it, but first I'm going to run a Myler's radiator as a replacement without the fan because I'm curious to see what temperature readouts I get with this setup. As for replacing the radiator guard, I'm waiting to hear back from Unabiker. If they don't replace the bashed one then I'll order a pair of the Bullet Proof Designs from Myler's.
  6. Which carbon fiber fork guards are you using? Are they Beta specific?
  7. I see on the Myler's website that they in fact sell used radiators for $100, and they currently have a right side one that I need. Though it's tempting, I think I'm still going to go with the Myler's for the right side for the peace of mind that it's supposed to run cooler than stock. That's important to me especially since I am now going to ditch the radiator fan. I also reached out to Unabiker to see if they'd be willing to replace my damaged radiator guard with a new one. Worth a try.
  8. Interesting how they fit on the 350 without modding but not on the 300, but I'm thinking the 4-stroke tanks must be shaped slightly different from the 2-stroke tanks. I believe the IMS tank for the 4-strokes just came out last year and is 3 gallons, while the tank for the 2-strokes is 3.1 gallons, so there is a difference. OscarFox - Are you using any kind of guards on the Mylers? Are you also running a fan? Did you order directly from Mylers?
  9. Had a nice little get off yesterday and crunched my right-side radiator (damn Pennsylvania rocks). Had some good forward momentum when I went down. Was more of a frontal impact as the bike skidded sideways off the trail. I lost a small amount of coolant and the only noticeable leak was from where the fan thermostat plug screws into the lower part of the radiator. A very slow, small leak. As you can see in the pics the Unabiker radiator guard took a good amount of damage. I put a nice gouge in my fork tube also. (Arghh..) I fell earlier in the day but it was a slow-speed flop-over type fall resulting in no damage. I have an IMS 3.0 gallon tank and am running a Beta factory fan. The fan appears to be toast as one of the harness wires that connects to the temp sensor/thermostat snapped. I suppose this could be spliced, but frankly I'm okay going without the fan since the bike ran on the cool side anyway according to my Trailtech TTO temp gauge. Don't think I've ever seen that thing go above 230 degrees and I think I've only seen/heard the fan come on once. Ideally, I'd like to replace the right-side fan with a Mylers, but I believe I read that a Mylers won't fit with the IMS 3.0 gallon tank. Can anyone verify this? As far as I can tell, these are my options: Option A - Replace smashed radiator with new stock one. Haven't priced out a stock Beta radiator. Anyone know what these go for? Option B - Replace smashed radiator with a Mylers (again, only if it will fit with the IMS 3-gallon tank) Option C - Send in smashed radiator to Mylers to have fixed. I don't know how bad a radiator has to be before it's deemed irreparable. Mine looks kind of bad to me, but may be no problem to repair. According to their website, Mylers charges $45 - $75 to fix a radiator. Let's call it $100 Option D ?? Anyone else replace a radiator recently and been in a similar situation? Thoughts? Thanks guys.
  10. Did you end up installing the water pump kit along with the new hoses?
  11. Call me Ishmael... A year ago I rode in a Pennsylvania dual-sport event called Durty Dabbers with my trusty WR250R. The two-day event was a blast, and even though I loved my WRR and it performed great, I began contemplating getting another bike that had more grunt/torque - something that I didn't have to rev the crap out of in order to ride fast. My initial plan was to eventually get either a KTM 350 EXC-F or 500 EXC. Beta was one of the sponsors of that event. They had some riders demonstrating their trials bikes on a huge pile of big logs and slabs of concrete. Those trials riders have some serious skills! Anyway, inside the event swag bags were some Beta freebies like a key chain and tire pressure gauge. Also included was a flyer for the Beta four-stroke bikes. When I got home I threw all that stuff in the garage and forgot about it until about a week later when I started looking into the brand. I had heard of Beta before but they were so foreign to me I never had considered them when looking at new bikes. Even before settling on the WRR, the only other bike I was considering at the time was the DRZ. I should also point out that even at this dual sport event I had never seen so many orange bikes in one gathering than I did that day. So many KTMs out there. There were perhaps a handful of Betas, but even back then they were invisible to me. I started doing extensive research on Betas, including scouring TT and Betarider.org and other forums, and soliciting opinions from people here who own Betas including Matgaz, HDR, Ballistic Chris, Krannie and others. It didn't take long to realize that these bikes were highly regarded and had both high performance and were nearly as reliable as the Japanese brands that I was more familiar with it. The next thing I knew, I was at the Beta dealership and within a few weeks later I had a brand new 390RR sitting in the garage. I remember being amazed at the dealer that these dirt bikes were street legal. Even the two-strokes at the time were plateable. You could buy a 300RR two-stroke, have the dealer complete the titling, registration and DMV requirements and pick up the bike with a license plate already on it. Anyway, that's my story. In the 10 months I've owned the 390 it has been an absolute blast to ride and I don't miss the WRR at all. If you told me before the Durty Dabbers ride that six weeks later I would own a Beta, I would have said you're nuts.
  12. Ok, so I brain farted on that last post. I rotated the throttle assembly and there's now plenty of slack. I would eventually like to rotate it back up and just put on a longer throttle cable. Thanks for all the input/suggestions.
  13. I saw a pic of your bike where you did that. But doesn't the throttle tube rotate down as well? In other words - in the stock location of the throttle assembly, the closed position of the throttle tube is at the top. Rotating the assembly towards you and down puts the closed position of the throttle tube at the bottom. Am I missing something? If I end up getting a longer aftermarket throttle cable, what's good? Motion Pro? Their site doesn't list any cables specifically for Beta.
  14. Thanks Boogieman. I have the 3-gallon IMS tank so it's hard to see exactly where the throttle cable is routed but it's definitely running along the left side of the frame. Also for what it's worth, I have a 2016 390RR which is fuel injected so no carb.
  15. I installed a set of Rox Risers tonight. They're the block risers which raise the bars up about 1 and 1/4 inches. I like them but when the bars are fully locked to the left the throttle cable is too tight. I could use about an inch or two of extra slack. What's the best way to reroute it? Do I disconnect it where the gold anodized adjuster knob is? It would be nice if I could rotate the entire throttle housing towards me but doing that also rotates the throttle tube which puts it in a weird position when fully closed.