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  1. we are in danger of losing johson valley where we all ride bikes, quads, race trucks and rock crawl. we have a short amount of time to put up a fight. you dont have write letters or anything but on 12th of march, log in and post to this forum and politicians will be reading the thread. read the first post in this thread for more info. http://pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=664229 i call that place my home and would feel terrible if we lost it.
  2. hobiesmith

    i need some TT members help!!

    one last night. anymore people feeling like voting for me
  3. hobiesmith

    i need some TT members help!!

    help i need just about 20 more votes...please help!!!!! this is huge for me if i win...it means sooo much. the poll is over thursday night.
  4. hobiesmith

    i need some TT members help!!

    thanks guys. its really means alot to me
  5. okay guys, i need yalls help to crush a vote for me. for those of you that dont know me, i have been lurkying on this site for aobut a year. my priority is rockcrawling and competiting and fabricating bugggys but because of everyone on here, i have been dualsporting my xt350 all over the place. here are some pics of my red xt350 http://www20.brinkster.com/a2ba213b/bike/bike.html this past weekend i was down at the salton sea riding thru all kinds of dirt and rocks and sand. but it was fun! i am in a drawing to win an internship with Blue Torch Fabrication. i really really want to win. if you go to this link, you will find a poll. http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?p=5186762#post5186762 my name is a2b (booty fab king). please vote for me. shameless plug, lol. thank you so much for your help!!!! thanks hobie
  6. hobiesmith

    price check/info on xr600r

    what does white bros do to suspension? like new spring or shock? is it a brand name?
  7. hobiesmith

    price check/info on xr600r

    i am a newb at riding. i just learned last month and i have been doing dual sport action on this yamaha xt350. well it doesnt have alot of power so i came accross this xr600 that is in good shape and he wants 2700? is that a fair price and, i plan on doing adventure riding so this will include 75mph as well as trails. is this a good bike for this purpose? thanks here are the posted specs: 1997 Honda XR600R, White brothers suspension, K&N Filter, DMC 2K Stainless exhaust & spark arrestor, desert tank, Works aluminum frame protectors and aluminum skidplate, good tires, CA PLATE but needs signals to be street legal
  8. where does it start from?
  9. hobiesmith

    '05 Baja 1000 From Ojos Negros

    here ya go. link to the kick ass photo gallery one of my favorites..
  10. hobiesmith

    where to get xt350 tanks?

    cool guys, thanks for the help
  11. hobiesmith

    where to get xt350 tanks?

    i was thinking like 5 gallons. i just didnt think 170 bucks for .8 more gallons wasnt worth it.
  12. hobiesmith

    where to get xt350 tanks?

    they only have a 4 gallon tank. the stock is 3.2. is there another company that makes a bigger tank?
  13. like corky's tank here. and how much? thanks for the newb info
  14. i recently got a used xt350 and it didnt come with the bag on the back. i was wondering if anyone could be so kind and tell which specific tools were in there so i can make my own tool bag. thanks hobie