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  1. OK. I took some pics as before and after I had adjusted the beam.Here are some informational photos also. Low beam. Now thats fricken bright. Well I am sure there are ways to make it better. But my friend. The brighter lighting and visibility is unreal and unmatched by and standard type incandescent light bulb. Yeah, the stock reflector was probably designed for a standard H4 bulb. I am just saying for a small investment you can really light up the place. I am still getting the beam adjusted. I guarantee you will be seen by motorists with these lights on. And I can see well down the street. So I am not 100% but a hell of a lot better than stock. Thanks to Sam at Highdeflighting.com
  2. Well, since the HID upgrade on my Jeep a few weeks ago. I have been absolutely hooked on the improved lighting and night time vision. Not to mention the improved visibility for the operator. People will definitely see you at night coming from a distance. Not like stock headlights or even those super whites or plasma white bulbs. I was so impressed with it that I ordered two more kits to be installed, one to go in one of my motorcycles and the other to go into the F250. It was a breeze to install, I had an idea of what I was doing since I still had the previous install fresh in my mind. (no way, did I just say that?) Anyhow it was simple to install and there was plenty of room behind the numberplate/headlamp assay. I purchased my first HID kit following plenty of research and reading many reviews all over the Internet from Sam who owns highdeflighting.com. He was friendly as well as knowledgeable. His prices are good considering the quality of product he is selling. They are not the cheapo that everyone is complaining about.. Those are a dime a dozen. Sure they are cheap, but you get what you paid for. So considering the quality and ease of installation. I am very pleased with his products. I chose the 6000k color heat range as I didn't want blue or purple headlights and I wanted to get it as white and bright as possible. I also upgraded to the Bi-Xenon bulbs which include both high and low beams in HID, not like some mfrs where the high beam is incandescent. Most people would probably just settle with a low beam only. Which is fine. I just preferred to go all out and chose the hi/lo beams both in HID. That was my personal preference. In fact. I am going to outfit every vehicle I own with HID lights. The cool thing is, if for some reason, you want to convert back. it would be as simple as unplugging one connector and reconnecting two connectors after exchanging the H4 bulb back to stock. I was worried about doing irreparable damage during installation, but honestly it is plug and play. I actually changed a few connectors from ring type to connect directly to the battery, to a male/female insulated spade connector for simplicity and ease of removal if need be. I swear by these lights. It makes the roadway so much brighter than even the Silverstars. It is incomparable. HID is the bomb, like the all mighty is shining his light down on you! Beware, Once you go HID, you won't be going back, it is addicting.....Good luck out there and I will post some pictures as soon as I get the headlight adjusted and the night falls.
  3. Richd1963

    Kennedy Meadows

    Yeah, boy, thats some of the crappiest riding up there. Damn I miss that crap. LOL We should be heading up ourselves in a few weeks. My favorite riding in So Cal.
  4. I had me one of those. Bought it for cheap, threw all kinds of cash at it. I sold it to my friend after having the motor built @ XR's only. Thing runs like a striped ass ape. Even had a rear shock built for it @ Works Suspension. Cha-ching.
  5. I have to lean towards the XR650L. Love mine.
  6. Richd1963

    My muffler packing literally turned to glass.

    Bike has been running great. Bought a used set of rims and had Avon Distanza's installed and balanced. I have a great time on the street and when It is time to hit the trails, I install the D606's and a larger rear sprocket. Thanks for all the input. Theese forums are priceless for all us needing help with troubleshooting. It is good we are all here to help ut a fellow rider.
  7. Richd1963

    CRF250X No 5th gear, nuetral instead?

    Hi Guys, My buddy is looking at a 2006 CRF250x for sale. He went to check out the bike and test rode it up the street. As he was shifting through the gears he noticed that there was no 5th gear instead he hit nuetral. He then down shifted back to 4th and tried again. Still nothing after 4th except the nuetral and nothing after that either.(above where 5th should be) Has anybody had any experience with this dilemma? We would appreciate any feedback. We may be able to negotiate the price to offset repair costs. Any idea on repair costs? Thanks for the time!
  8. Richd1963

    Does your 450X header pipe glow red ?

    Fatten it up! More fuel, not less air. Larger jets my friend!
  9. Richd1963

    What is best quiet but performance exhaust?

    Had the Q4 on the XR650L, great muffler, too quiet for city riding, will save it for the woods after I retire and get out of CA.! I changed it out for the Supertrapp. I know you were asking about the mufflers for the CRF, just wanted to comment on how quiet the Q4 is. Improves performance too. For the 05 CRF 450 X, I ended up using the White Bros EB2 . My airbox is modded, aftermarket air filter and jetting by JD. A little louder than stock. Increased low to mid performance. I am happy with setup. http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e61/Richd1963/CRF450X/WBEB2side.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e61/Richd1963/Fullbikeview.jpg
  10. Richd1963

    How to make a crf450x a singletrack monster?

    Steering Damper, Skid plate, Radiator support protection,disc guards and some form of Barkbusters. http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e61/Richd1963/CRF450X/worksradiatorbraces.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e61/Richd1963/CRF450X/radiatorgaurds.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e61/Richd1963/CRF450X/touratechandscotts.jpg
  11. Richd1963

    Doing a top end? LOOK HERE FIRST!!

    Thanks for the heads-up!
  12. Richd1963

    Steering Damper

    You may also check my garage for pics.
  13. Richd1963

    quiet exhaust

    FMF Q2 no doubt. I had one on for a few weeks, then I took it off. It was too Quiet. I Will keep it for sneaking around after I retire and move to the woods....... I installed the Supertrapp Aluminum race series to be heard in traffic. Works great, the cars hear me, and give me room. So far so good. The Q2 is in my book, the perfect QUIET stealth pipe, looks great and you still get the added performance benifit of opening up the exhaust system. I really noticed a difference after jetting and installing a Uni airfilter. Good luck with your search.
  14. Richd1963

    My muffler packing literally turned to glass.

    Great, I just got the rest of my parts this afternoon. I took out the DJ165 and replaced it with a kehin 170 main. Then I removed the pilot 55 which was a longer type jet from my old 84 XL500. I then installed a kehin 55 slow jet and took her around the block a few times. I had to make some air screw adjustments. I think I am about 1 1/2 turns out. I did a plug test but with a brand new plug and only one run, it was a bit decieving. The insulator is still white as new. The electrode had a touch of color and the adjustable thingy where the electrode shoots the spark to was a tad bit grey. The face of the threaded area was a bit blackened. I ended up using the 2 extensions with a universal joint to an 18mm socket to remove the plug. That worked so well, Thanks for the tip.:thumbsup: :moon: I should be on the rich side, I would hope after making the jetting changes. At WOT she doesn't choke or cough. On decel, I had one small pop, one time, I will do further riding and air screw adjusting in the days to follow. I may look into the dyno too. I have to make some calls on that. Needless to say I am running the high octane pump gas. By the way the new sunline foot pegs are NICE. What a difference over the stock stubs Honda puts on those machines. I got a call today from Berts and it appears my new skid plate and shop manual arrived today. I will make a run out there this week and pick up the parts. Get them on this weekend and update profile modification pictures. I just love spending money. Speaking of which, I had better stay off the ZX14 in the showroom, I need another Bike like I need a whole in my head. (But its a limited edition, and its on sale for just over $10K) I could justify it. (almost $4k off MSRP) I always manage to convince myself. But then its off to Mod city, and I am not even done with my other bikes, Yet! Talk about fun!!
  15. Richd1963

    My muffler packing literally turned to glass.

    OK, so I started getting her back together. Re wrapped muffler core, installed some new supertrapp discs (12) nice and clean, new screws and such. I pulled spark plug and put a fresh one in. Man my old one looked like Damascus finish on a knife blade. Greyish. I am lucky I didn't burn up that motor. I am yanking the dyno Jet 165 out as soon as I get the OEM's I ordered. Don't worry, I am not even firing up that thing until I make some main jetting changes. Like I said before, I have a DJ 165 in there now. I want to get it out and fatten this baby up a bit. If the DJ 165 is = to a kehin 160, then should I put in a Kehin 165 and go from there. I can tell you that currently I am more than just a little lean. I had ordered kehin mains all the way up to 190. I know, I will never use it, but hey I have more money, than I have sense. I just ordered all sizes from too small to too big. Other than the plug test what will help me identify too large of main right away. If my memory serves me well (which it usually doesn't much anymore) If I am too fat (rich) it will stumble on acceleration around anywhere from 1/2 to full throttle. I just know if I step up to the Kehin 160 to start I will be pulling it out very soon. Maybe I should just drop in the Kehin 162? The plug test! Yeah !I know how to read the plugs, I just found it a pain in tha but to get that baby out of there. I have the Clark 4.7 gl tank, and I removed the plug with the tank still on the bike last night. I guess I will have to take it off for the next time. It was tedious. Hey anybody have any trick special tool for spark plug removal on the XR650L with the tank still in place? I am just using a cheepo plug socket with screwdriver through the hole. There has to be a better way. I just have to find it. Well hopefully my jets arrive here soon. I bought them through Jets R Us. Nice website, prices looked to be fair. I will be in touch and let ya know how the progress goes. Thanks guys for the feedback:ride: P.S. I put on the Sunline stainless foot pegs last night too, what a difference, they are almost three times the size of the stock stubs that come on the bike. I will get some pics tonight to update in the mod profile. Have a nice day!