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  1. wow now i'm confuesed as hell.... ok the crf450r is good in the dunes, but dunes kill motors so i should get a cr250?? but how does the 450 do on the track? and also what bike is faster stock??
  2. so i shouldn't go with a cr or yz450f? whats faster the 450 or 250 2 stroke?
  3. 5'8" 180, i dont want to spend more than 4g's, i used to ride a cr 250, i do desert riding, glamis (sand), and i want to get into mx. i've heard the 450's r no joke but i think i can handle it cuz my banshee has plenty of mods done to it...... also i really like to do wheelys!!
  4. hey guys i'm about to buy a new bike. i'm leaning towards a yzf 450. i have a banshee right now and i do like the 2 stroke power so should i get a yz 250?? clueless???