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  1. You'll be happy no matter what.... I have an 04 and it is the craziest bike I've ever owned... Before you decide on your jet kit you may also want to look at Factory, they also have alot of R&D into it...
  2. There's talk of an "Urban Assault" ride in San Francisco sometime in the next month... I'll post video here if and when it happens.
  3. Does that mean there won't be open practice that day? Are you gonna do the SMHoolligan day on the 16th? What's up with Infeneon? Bringing the 'prilla? Lets see any more questions.... nope... ps. You Rock
  4. There's this thing called BARF check it out, fun place nice people.
  5. KTM or Husaberg if you can afford it.
  6. Increasing the front(or reducing the back) will give a greater top speed with a decrease in aceleration. Decreasing the front(or increasing the back) will increase aceleration while reducing top speed.
  7. Well some of the original 2 stroke oils were made from castor beans so maybe.
  8. A match, it's a Yamaha.
  9. XR is better for the dirt and has more aftermarket support. DR is more street oriented, KLRs are good too.
  10. Motard+Long freeway miles= Not much fun.
  11. Depends on what you get. Stock hubs and 17 in rims+ tires=700 ish. Excel hubs and rims+tires=1400 ish. Keeping stock sizes and running sportsman style=200ish.
  12. Get whatever fits the best.
  13. Lucky you.
  14. Other than the crap welding job what's the problem?
  15. I have the boots, they're good boots.