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    I think that's good. I will buy one..I would rather do that, then spend money on a bike rag that does not know what a husky is....ror
  2. rocketror

    Hey Dirt Rider Mag

    If you think that is bad, check out the new Cycle News. Headlines, The future is here, street leagal 450 exc. My future was last year, when the Husky's were street legal. Cycle News says, that Husky's don't count because they had to use a throttle stop. They wanted one ready to go like the ktm. Then they proceeded to change the jetting to keep from over heating. Husky gets no respect.
  3. rocketror

    TTR 230 Rear sprocket

    What ever the stock countershaft sprocket is, what I have. I specialed ordered mine through Zoom cycles. They said I could have any number of teeth I wanted. It took about two weeks. With a higher 6th gear, the engine, with my weight (220) wont pull to the rev limiter, but it is a good trade off for comfortable cruising. I get about 60 mpg on my dual sports.
  4. rocketror

    TTR 230 Rear sprocket

    Yes. I purchased a 45 tooth rear sprocket from Sprocket Specialist, through Zoom Cycles, 408 248 5780. I also have a BBR chain guide for a ttr 125. Fits right on. I lost top speed, but cruises at lower rpm. Down hill I hit 72 mph. GPS...GYTR Pipe with pilot jet mod, KN air filter with opened air box. Also got rid of O ring chain..to much drag.. The new sprocket weighs about 2 pounds less...Mostly dual sport use..
  5. Looking to purchase a stock skidplate and stock spark arrestor exhaust for my 2006 SMR 510. Whatever shape is fine. Can pick up around San Jose Ca. area or can pay for shipping. I know a lot of people have upgraded, but the stockers will work for me... Making a"street tracker"..Thanks. Please send PM or rorysanjose@yahoo.com.
  6. rocketror

    Engine shop near San Jose

    engines only in campbell
  7. rocketror

    Yamaha GYTR exhaust for TTR 230/125..?

    I have the gytr exhaust for my 230. The dealer gave me 10% off for being an ama member. The cost was around $270. FMF offers one for about $250. Mine is set up for dual sport and both the stock and gytr pipe have burned three Baja kit turn signals. I switched to a smaller turn signal. The fmf exhaust tip points a little down. May have saved a few light bulbs. As far as power increase, it has helped some, especially in the torque department. In comparrison to a honda 230: stock, my friend could pull me by a half a length. Now were even, until 4th gear, Then I pull away by a couple of lengths. I have hit 71 mph (gps) and it cruises nicely at 62mph...The pipe is a little loud for me though.
  8. rocketror

    daily commuter

    Save some grief..Get two bikes. One, a cheap japanese commuter bike, and a quality dual sport....Have fun.....
  9. rocketror

    ttr230 clutch lever

    that seems to be normal. warm the bike up, then pull the clutch lever back and forth about three times. Then the egagement should be ok. Also, if you use synthetic oil, it may compound the problem.......ror
  10. rocketror

    Weight loss TTR230

    the rear brake is really bad. I looks like the stock shoes are out of round. I sanded the shoes and it helped. When you ride the bike hard, the rear brake fades. Then you need to tighten it up. If you notice, when you spin the wheel backwards, it drags. I put a larger rear tire on, and a new chain. The O ring chain that came, with the bike, kinked and would not let the rear wheel spin freely. 18.95 for the new chain allowed me to put the rear wheel farther back in the swing arm, which allowed for more brake rod threads. You can also pull off your brake arm and re position it, so you have additional adjustment........
  11. rocketror

    Uptite Skid Plate Mounting

    If you want to sell the stock skid plate, let me know...rorysanjose@aol.com thanks
  12. rocketror

    found a pilot jet for the ttr 230

    I have the yamaha exhaust. It sounds good but a little loud. Mine is dual sported so i am going to take it out monday and see how it goes. My friend has a 230 f and were pretty close. We will see what happens. Seat of the pants, so far, it feels the sam e as stock. Top speed 66 with GPS...stock. will report with mods..At least I saved a couple of pounds over the stock exhaust.
  13. rocketror

    picked up the gytr exhaust for the 230

    Mine was 259 plus tax in california. Will be here next tuesday. Will report
  14. rocketror

    Cycle Word TE 610 Vs. ....

    The jetting was only awfull at high altitude. My 06, always ran spot on. No fuse issue, but is was heavy, tall and the speedo was a pain in the ass.
  15. rocketror

    TT-R 250 vs. TT-R 230

    Thats funny. My friend with a new ttr 250 and myself, ttr230 drag raced up to fifth gear. We were dead even until about 50mph and a slight uphill. At that time, he pulled me slightly. Both bikes stock, except he is 50 pounds lighter. And no, he is not a dufuss rider.. I have ridden both bikes, and the 230, is just more fun......!