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  1. Punch

    Running Rough

    Turns out the valve timing was out by one tooth. Amazing the difference it made. Thanks for the tip. Punch
  2. Punch

    Running Rough

    It's sounds like I need to go back and make sure the timing is right as the valve seats were done when the valves went in and the carby has also been thoroughly cleaned. Thanks to the guys for posting their suggestions.
  3. Punch

    Running Rough

    I have recently installed ss intake valves and spring kit on my 04 CRF450, since then the bike has been running rough. It is a great deal harder to start and has an occasional miss in it when riding, the throttle response is not what it should be and in the higher revs it begins to break-down all together, it also sounds throatier under acceleration. The timing is ok and valve clearances are all in spec. I'd appreciate any suggestions as to what the problem may be. Cheers