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  1. I have a set of low hour KYB forks and KYB shock for TC/TE 250/310. They are set up for MX with factory internals. PM for pricing and more information.
  2. Dleib

    Good Bike, weak motor?

    I can tell you that the factory TC250 raced in MX2 this year was down on power in the 6-8 range from the other factory bikes. That being said Michael Leib put a bone stock 2012 TC250 into a 7th place moto finish at the Gaildorf Germany round of the MX2 class a few weeks ago. That motor is 3 down on the factory engine that Lupino ran. At Fermo the next week he went 14-13 for 12th overall. That track had a lot of elevation and the stock motor was seriously underpowered.
  3. Dleib

    Engine work

    At Rocket we have tested and been selling our Stage 2 motor with exhaust for the TC250 and the 310 engine. It all started when Michael (Leib) was home and needed to make more power with his practice bike. Porting, 5 angle valve job, deck cylinder and head and exhaust. Our website is down till next week when we put our new one up, if anybody has any questions feel free to email me at don@rocketexhaust.com
  4. Michael Leib got to try the Zokes earlier this year at Glen Helen on a TC250. He said they are amazing. Pedro, who works for Marzochi is a magician.
  5. Dleib

    Husky 250fs improving in europe MX2

    Yes this is true, Michael will not be at Husqvarna in 2012. He is exploring many options right now. It's unfortunate that the race team budget was cut dramatically. Lupino is the only official rider and he took a pay cut. Triest's deal is direct with Ricci, not Husqvarna and he is paying for his ride.
  6. Dleib

    Husky 250fs improving in europe MX2

    Michael did run a 2012 cylinder and head. Lupino ran the works cylinder and head and his engine made a few more horsepower from what A Husky employee told me in the pits. Lupino also had full GET electronics. Michael's bike developed an electrical and or fuel injection problem on the first lap of moto 2 so he DNF'd. I was very proud of him for many reasons..... it has been awkward for him since Husky made the announcement that he would not be with the team in 2012 having endured his injury and the many technical problems. I am also very proud that he was the first to put a Husky in the top ten, 7th in moto 1, at a GP since Chiodi in 1999 I think. For the record Michael has not practiced on a Husky since before Lommel.
  7. We have it at Rocket, just not up on the website...... it's a different pipe than the 250. send an email from the website or call the shop if you have any questions.
  8. Rocket Exhaust makes a great full system
  9. Dleib

    2010 TC250 mods

    Rocket Exhaust has a slip on and a full system that works great on the 10-11 m engine and has head and cylinder mods that work together really well. www.rocketexhaust.com
  10. Dleib

    Rocket Exhaust

    If you guys have any questions please email me don@rocketexhaust.com Thanks!
  11. Dleib

    Husqvarna Motocross News 2011!

    Awesome intro in Italy. Michael is pumped to ride the bike......... if it would just stop snowing.
  12. Great news! What are the carb settings?
  13. Dleib

    Rear wheel front guard

    You could run a longer chain?
  14. A couple of suggestions....... valve adjustment makes a big difference especially when the intakes are tight. Also there is an updated heavier spring for the decomp mechanism. I changed one on one of Michael's TC250's and it helped a lot. My last suggestion is to make sure you find top dead center before you kick. Good luck.
  15. The race bike he rode in Italy a few weeks ago is very good and he is pleased with the power. He is also very pleased with the handling. The light weight and low center of gravity makes the bike feel even lighter than it is. There is a lot to learn and he is eager to get over to Italy and get busy.