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  1. NewYork

    If you want the possibilty of having your bike impounded, a handful of tickests, and possible loss of deivers license go for it. The DEC patrols behind Yellow Freight and enjoy catching dirt bikers. Even if you don't get caught you still have to get back to your truck. Been there.
  2. Like Dutchess said pull clutch cover grab a 10mm socket, hold back with a screw driver to loosen the nut then start experimenting by turning the adjuster in/out. You will see the clutch lever move as you tighten the screw. I had to adjust mine when I put in the Rekluse, very simple. Lean bike over to keep oil in motor. Or bring the bike here and I'll show ya and u can try my 250 with the Rekluse to see if u like it.
  3. Cut it off with a sawzall. LOL. Road last night up in the top secret NY trails after the thunderstorm with the Rambo riders and was in total comand in the wet clay. People were crashing left and right but the old man and his Huskie just smoked on by. The Maxxis EN rear is holding up well and was great in the super slick clay as well as sucking up the rock gardens. Great tire and great bike these Huskie smokers.
  4. I got a 120/100 MT16 with 10 miles on it come by it and get and bring me some Coors. 30 pack works. LOL. I'll show u the new ice tire design while your here. The stock front is not terrible BTW but u can't beat an M59.
  5. Hey Mike like what labs says, u still need to get a full kick and get the kickstarter engaged at it's highest point. U will be starting it sitting down with your strength. I start my 250 sitting down and slapping the kicker in gear with the Rekluse. Long ride yesterday with Glennon over on the stonetown trails, 5th gear rocks and roots, Huskie sucked em up easy. Awesome scooter and underated. Get a skid plate, rear rotor guard, a Rekluse, a Maxxis EN rear tire, and go win your class.
  6. People were lined up watching when I went to the starting line as I was smoking CRF 450s all day long with my little 250 woods bike. "I had a Huskie as a kid and didn't know they still sold them." Heard that quite a bit. I did get beat in Open Class by my buddy on a very worked CRF 505 built for big power but another lap and I'd have gotten him. Corner speed baby, where it's at. This year I built a YZ 250 as a dedicated ice racer and tested last sunday. May have our clubs ice race Feb 19th in Fallsburg, NY if weather stays cold.
  7. Last year on my WR 250 winning a number One A Senior overall plate for the Winter Carnival Ice Races, Lake George, NY. The Huskie was a fan favorite. LOL.
  8. Marc, I saw your awesome video on DieselJos web sight, Holy Shxt. We are sucking wind this winter with warm weather as I only got on the ice once and I build ice tires all year as a hobby. My buddies and I want to come race out there in the mid west one day as there is a very small window of good ice here in northern NJ and southern NY. Go GIANTS!
  9. Supercross

    Barcia wins it all.
  10. Maxxis SI rear will take a 7/8" Cold Cutter and a Bridgestone ED-11 front will take a 3/4" if angled down towards the ice a bit. Angle the rear screws a bit also.
  11. NewYork

    Sounds like you have a lake to race on. Nothing better than ice riding once cabin fever hits. If anybody needs ice tires I have a used set for sale from last year that I won on.
  12. My 09 WR 250 looked pretty good smokin all my buddies on the ice with their $3000 1/2 mile 505 engines at Lake George, NY last year. Huskies rule and I can't see what my bike looks like while I'm riding. The bike dominates in the single track also, buy one and thank me later. Jet it, have the fork done to your weight and ability, then go get some trophies. I've raced them all since 1975, get a Husky.
  13. NewYork

    LOL. We're odd that way.
  14. NewYork

    The OCF Boys and Malley Raiders are ready, when we're not ice racing we'll be there. The nastier the weather and conditions the better we like it.
  15. NewYork

    The OCF Boys and Malley Raiders are ready, when we're not ice racing we'll be there. The nastier the weather and conditions the better we like it.