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  1. I know it's probably already answered by now but for others PS7931
  3. http://www.thumperta...ts-accessories/ Maybe post a link on the 400 page so it is easy to find. I miss the old format where parts were classified bike specific.
  4. Thanks did a search and this didn't come up Thanks again.
  5. How do you remove it?
  6. +1 check if nothing else. Mine locked up tight no fun!
  7. Anyone know/use this guy?
  8. What front fender is that?
  9. Rode today and all is good looks like the gas cap was the cure.
  10. Rejet yes, Valves no 650 miles gonna check today. Sweet hope that this works for me also removed it but haven't ridden yet.
  11. Runs good when running, hot or cold no stall problems. But, shut it off and try restart and it just cranks, won't re-lite. And situation normal only does this in the woods. Drive way no problems.
  12. Ok, did the search and must not be asking the right question. Can someone please tell me if the 07 had the same cam problem as the 08. Which I'm told was the reason the bike won't start when hot?
  13. TT parts store. Just click on the button at the top of the screen.
  14. Okay, whats the deal have we upset the DRZ gods? That pump looks like mine but my crank is still moving. (maybe a little to much)