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  1. xtreme117

    xtreme valves

    how does a little kid like u know every think a bout bikes? looks like u can answer everone question all the time.i wish i had your knowledge
  2. xtreme117

    xtreme valves

    your just pissed that my knock off will run circles around u!you would have to spent alot more than 2 grand to even compeat.im not saying that xtremes are the shit but if u build them right they end up being good and fun bikes!that is all that matters.Oh go back a couple grades and learn how to spell
  3. xtreme117

    xtreme valves

    if i was looking for a smart a$% answer i would asked your girl.BTW when your done building a Honda what is really left thats says Honda (thats right nothing)!we all end up with a full aftermarket bike!
  4. am i the only one that is boring out a Cr 107 to 54mm? I cant find any info on how they run after its all done. Has any one done this to a xtreme?
  5. xtreme117

    xtreme valves

    does any one know were to get a new intake valve for a xtreme 107? Also were can i find specs on this motor (ring gaps,tolerance's).any help would great thanks!