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  1. I had been working on my bike the other day and adjusting the fuel screw. Took it out for a spin and it was running great, then really bad. I went to work on it today and no fuel screw. It vibrated out the other day. I thought I counted the number of turns, guess I miscounted. This ever happen to anyone?
  2. Thanks for the help. I guess I need to do a better job cleaning the carb. I'll clean the jets and accelerator pump and see if that is the answer. Thanks again!
  3. Here's the situation. Purchased the bike last summer. Rode it approx. 7 hrs total before cold weather came. Had gas in it over the winter. Went to start it this summer and it would only run while giving it gas. Went for a ride down the street and when I stopped some coolant was coming out of the overflow hose. Took the carb apart and sprayed carb cleaner thru out. Cleaned the hot start. Put in fresh gas. Put in new plug. Cleaned the air filter. I had changed the engine oil last summer. Bike will only start with the hot start pulled in (cold, go figure) and choke out now. When I release the hot start, it will only run for a few seconds and off it goes. A guy I know was messing with the throttle stop screw. I don't know if he made the problem worse. There is also a clicking sound, but from other posts I hear this is normal. Could it be a valve problem already? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I am in the process of putting the carburetor back on the bike and hooking up the throttle cables. Should there be any play in the 2 cables or no play? I'm having a hard time with the lock nut and adjusters. Are there any tricks to get this right?
  5. The Vin # is supposed to be on the Safety Certification Label attached to the left side of the frame. I never found it on my bike, but the Frame # matches my VIN # on my title. The Frame # is located on the right side of the steering column. Can't miss it, it's stamped in the frame. The engine # is stamped on the left crankcase.
  6. Which Honda dealer in the Chicagoland area has the best service department?
  7. Thanks for the replys. What is the AP Mod?
  8. I need to take the carb off my bike and clean it. While I have it off, is there anything I should do to it in the way of additional maintenance or for performance? 2005 CRF 250R
  9. I need to clean the carburetor because it got all gummed up. I made the rookie mistake of not emptying the fuel over the winter. I've been so busy with work and family, yesterday was the first time I got to run the bike. I know, I'm a wuss! The bike will run with the choke out, but once pressed in it goes off. I've never cleaned a carb. When cleaning a carb, what am I exactly cleaning, what do I take apart and are there things to be careful of not to screw up? I almost have it off the bike Thanks for any help 2005 CRF250R
  10. Thanks for the responses guys.
  11. I have a 2005 CRF250R and when I went to start it it and warm it up it was ok, but after pushing in the choke it would backfire and would not idle. Any ideas?
  12. I'm just getting back into riding and would like to maybe race. I want to at least be competitive, but I think I wouldn't be up against many stock bikes. What are the 5 or 7 things to upgrade on a stock bike? Thanks