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    Any Pa 450's yet?

    Montgomeryville cycle center in pa. has one of each color yz450f 2006.I will go tomorrow to sit on one and check out the ergos...etc.Phone 3 FOR MONT.CYCLE IS 215-712-7433.mAYBE i WILL SEE YOU THERE.12-22-05.vetc.
  2. vetc

    New Kx 450

    Scott...I am vet c rider and sold my yz250 2 stroke and want to buy 4 stroke. I am 210lbs and would like to someday race in the vetc 250 class again.I am asking if you think the kx450f would be too exhausting for occasional outings or do you reccomend th 250f?Thanks to anyone replying to this.VETC.