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  1. I have a few pics. you can sorta make out what it is.
  2. Man I used 1/8 inch and it was tough to bend. I ended up clamping it between two pieces of extruded aluminum and heating it all up with my industrial heat gun, I heated up the metal and the poly. It did bend, but it also marked a bit. I did one bend on each side to form to the backside of the DR650 number plate, then I put another bend to get the shield to flip upright more to get it out of the riders area and look a bit more "Dakar". By adding the next bend it became a "Compound" bend or a bend that went through two other bends, that was tough! I ended up using a pipe and a torch (LP) to heat the poly up, I was heating the pipe and trying to bend against it after it was heated with no luck. After it was all said and done I just used the torch to soften it and bent it by hand, you may be able to use the thicker stuff, but just use the torch and peel the protective layer off first so it does not just weld itself to the sheet. I will get pics Tuesday. Good luck.
  3. I tried it today with a piece of Lexan.... Man, that stuff is way harder to bend than the acrylic was. I had a cracked piece from the previous owners shield, it heated and bent like butter, but the poly sheet took everything my heat gun had and I still had to force it, I don't know how I am going to get the lip to bend since there is already a bend on each edge. FWIW, I would not use the cheap acrylic because if it breaks it can shatter and cut your face or neck. I will post a pic if it looks at all worth a dam when I get done.
  4. Yes, I would also like to be clear here, did you use Lexan (Poly) or just plexiglas (acrylic)? It looks great!
  5. Well, I think I figured it out, I beleive it is the spark plug cap. But I still think a condensor in the tool box would not be a bad idea. IS there a specific value or size I should look for, or just one from a briggs & Stratton?
  6. My 1981 XR 100 sparks for a while, then stops sparking. If I stop kicking for just a few seconds it will spark again? I was going to change the condensor but it is mounted to the $75 coil? (Ouch) Can I use a condensor from another Honda to save money here? If so what would you recomend? Also, I did just change the points to try to remedy this problem. Thank you!