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    ridding in Ridding in the dirt and on the street, hopping up my Mustang.
  1. rc46joe

    Stripped case

    Should be relatively easy to tap the case while in the bike. It is by far the best option.
  2. rc46joe

    Broken Crankcase, is this common?

    The same thing happened to my 03 250f. So I guess so??? Got a case half from a wr and pulled the motor to fix it. A whole bunch YZ and WRs are interchangeable. I think I payed less than $100 for the case half. To start mine I would turn on fuel, choke it, stroke the kicker slowly three times, get the piston to the top of the compression stroke and kick it once more and it fired right up. Hot or cold. Check valves, maybe do a jet kit as well.
  3. rc46joe

    03 ttr90

    I have an 03 ttr90 that does not want to run after I start it when it’s cold. When you kick it the first time it runs for two seconds, the second time for a second, and then you can kick and kick with no results. If it warm out it starts and runs fine. If I aim my torpedo heater at it for ten or so mins it will fire and run fine in the winter. Once warm no matter the temp out it runs good. I’ve replaced the petcock, choke cable/choke with no change. Maybe electrical???
  4. rc46joe

    Too much bike

    Try a heavy fly wheel. This will slow the motor down nd give better traction. Steahly is the name of the company that most people get weighted flywheel from. Or try to get a wr250f, or crf250x.
  5. I thought only the Tech 8s and 10s had the inner booty. I just got a pair of 09 Tech 8s for $199.99. They are on close out at Cycle Gear for $249.99. I got mine When they were on a better sale than that.
  6. rc46joe

    03 yzf 250 hot rod help

    If the jetting is good, why new carb?
  7. I have an 03 yz250f with a broken right side engine case. It is broken at the inside of the kickstarter shaft on the top of the case. It loos like the kickstart gear pushed something through the case. Is this a common problem? and when I put it back together how can stop it from happening again. I have not taken it apart yet but will in the next two days. I did search this and found nothing. Thanks for any info you can offer, Joe.
  8. rc46joe

    Battery Disgust

    I have a yusa smartshot 900. I think it was 30ish dollars. It can be purchased at almost any bike shop. It came with two leads. One that can be fitted to the battery with an end hanging out so you do not have to take the side cover off to access the battery for charging. The other has alligator clips so you can put it on any battery. I leave my DRZ S plugged in most of the time and have had the same battery for two years+.