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  1. I really only ride for fun. Some drag races now and then at Winchester Bay Dunes, but mostly just ride and clime. The real reason I asked is because I currently have a DVX 400, and love it. I know that it is pretty much Suzuki, now my Bro-in-law, he has a TRX450 with the HRC kit in it, and the bike is mean. Its a great bike, and the HRC kit only made it that much better. Alas, I am not a big fan of Honda. I know the TRX450 is a lot different the the 400EX, but my 03 400EX was a piece, it really turned me off on Honda, my DVX has way more power, and didn't even cost as much! After the warranty was up on it, I had nothing but problem, after problem with it. So thats why I'm having the problem going back to Honda. So basically go back to Honda for the TRX450R? or go for the LT-R450 from Suzuki? Price really isn't an issue either, a TRX450R with HRC kit = 6700 out the door, or a LT-R 450 = 6999 out the door, so price is a hard thing to compare the two bikes on.
  2. Alright guys, I'm in the market for a new quad, and I really like my current Z400, but love how the new Honda 450R runs. Whitch bike would you go with. A HONDA 450R with the HRC kit, or a LT-R 450 with Cherrybomb mods. I primarily ride on the sand with paddles, what would you choose? I can get the LT-R for only a couple hundred more than a TRX450R, so price really isn't an issue.
  3. Josh M

    Z400 vs. 400 EX

    I will be buying a new one, probably an 05 close out. I plan on adding a pipe, jetting and an intake. Probably all stainless bolts since I work for a S/S supplier lol.
  4. Josh M

    Suzuki Z400 vs. 400 EX

    Hey Everyone, New to the forum, just wondering what your thoughts are on buying a Z400 vs. 400EX. I like the Z400 a lot better, but I figured I'd ask some experts in the field.