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    Dirt Riders Am-Pro YZ 250 test...

    Look at the amount of ads, guys. There are more Yamaha ads than KTM for sure. And Yamaha is all over dirtrider.com. KTM builds purpose built bikes that shine in this year's Torture Test. That's what the story in the magazine pointed out. And Dirt Rider didn't build this bike, Am-Pro yamaha did. Most of your guys' comments sound like you didn't even read the story, test or parts list on this bike. It didn't lose. It just wasn't in the top 6 out of 21. And they did have a moto test as well as an escargot test, a trail test, an extreme test...read it again. DR gives a lot of love to two strokes still.
  2. I'm looking for some beefy skid plates for the new Husky four stroke off-roaders. Specifically, the TE250 and TE450. Anyone know of a manufacturer making good ones? I've tried Utah Sport Cycle so far. Thanks for the help!