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  1. Who did the work? And if you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost? Thanks
  2. Does Athena have a kit for the 05 yet? A link would be nice. Thanks
  3. I got an 05 yz 125 and I am looking to get it bored and ported. I was wondering if anyone had any good input. Does anyone here have a YZ 144? Any companies I should specifically avoid? Any companies that you would recomend? Thanks
  4. Try to remove weight off of parts that move. If you got lighter sprockets and chain, it would help the bike more than just removing weight. If they make lighter engine parts, I would definatly look at getting weight down in the engine. removing unspung weight would also help alot.
  5. Run so little gas, that you barely have enogh for the moto. Take out the air box. While your at it, take off the fenders, sidepanels, radiator shrouds and the mud flap. Take out one of the radiators. Who needs two?
  6. They probally wouldn't even notice it. I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. No, its a govenment law
  8. Is that the stock pipe? If so , how did you strip it? Did you polish it too?
  9. I'm using it on my 05 YZ 125. It is awesome. It fits perfectly. It is also very thick. I have been using it for a year and it has held up well. The skid plate is tough! It only has a small crack when I cased a jump. The landing was basicly dirt thrown ontop of a boulder
  10. Whats up with RC? Mabey I will just go test some cars next week since I am out of the points lead Ricky is definatly mad
  11. I apolagize for the name calling. It was uncalled for I was refering to the comment about Tedesco beating Reed. Reed got beat in his heat race straight up by Tedesco because Reed couldn't do a rythm section. Once Reed got that section down, Reed opened up a huge lead. I think its safe to say Reed is still faster than Tedesco. In a couple years though Tedesco will be a front runner
  12. Hey, I see you are using the same tank as me. How much clearenece do you have between the tank and the pipe? I can't even slide my finger between the tank and pipe. Are you using a stock or aftermarket pipe? If aftermarket, what kind? I want to get another pipe, but am afraid it will not fit
  13. What's that OldTimer? Reed off pace? Better take a look at the points standings!