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  1. relentless1

    TTR 125 gas tank crack

    I really searched ebay for the tank you just talked about. Couldn't find it.
  2. relentless1

    TTR 125 gas tank crack

    The early yz 400 4 strokes were notorious for splitting the tank plastic. A friend of mine went thru about 4 tanks. The dealer gave him a new one each time, finally giving him 2 new tanks the last time he went in there (all free). There was some kind of recall on them. The cracks are right along the creases (maybe a weak point?) The last ride, there were no issues with the tank (and no crashes). After it sat for about 2 months, I pulled it out to wash it and get it ready for our next ride and there were the cracks.
  3. relentless1

    TTR 125 gas tank crack

    I have a couple pics, but am unable to post them, being a newbie and all. The cracks are right at the top where the shrouds are mounted. It is definatelt the tank as gas spills where the cracks are.
  4. relentless1

    TTR 125 gas tank crack

    Hello, my 2001 TTR 125L fuel tank has cracked in 2 different places (top, right at the creases). It wasn't wrecked or exposed to extreme temps. Is this typical for TTR's? What are my options in replacing? Will any other models fit (like a yz80)? I ask this because TTR 125 tanks are hard to come by used. Any thoughts?