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  1. jmattor

    2010 rzr 4

    Check out Dirty Dawg: http://www.dirtydawgperformance.net/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=6 and STM: http://supremetoolinc.com/cart/polaris-rzr-rage-iii-primary-p-121.html
  2. jmattor

    2011 rzr 4

    Once you learn how to power through the turns you won't get it up on two wheels. Spacers can help give you a wider stance and add some stability as can wheels with a bigger offset than stock. My RZR 4 is right around 65.5" wide as it sits in this shot:
  3. jmattor

    Let's see the TTR's!

    My wife's first bike. I just pulled it out of storage along with another TTR that belonged to one of my daughters. This one was a fun project - Put just about everything BBR makes on it except the perimeter frame and cradle. First the suspension upgrades: YZ85 front forks w/brake. BBR rear spring BBR Swingarm w/ BBR chain guide BBR Aluminum wheels Engine: BBR Big Bore w/ cam BBR 26mm Kiehin Carb BBR high flow air box/filter BBR HD Clutch springs BBR Exhaust BBR Rev Box Shift lever Moose skidplate Other stuff: Baja Designs Headlight w/ hi - lo ASV Clutch and Brake Levers Acerbis hand guards Renthal Bars Billet gas cap Now that I've dusted it off (started right up!) I've decided to sell it if I can get a fair offer. Otherwise one of the grandkids will have a great Christmas pretty soon!
  4. jmattor

    TTR 125 upgrades

    I see what you mean.......and the BBR gas cap to boot! I think my daughter's truck cost about what you have in that bike! nice
  5. jmattor

    TTR 125 upgrades

    I did the full Monty on my wife's TTR 125 - all the BBR goodies, 150cc big bore kit, carb, exhaust, CDI, filter kit, sprockets, BBR aluminum wheels, Baja Designs headlight kit, YZ 85 front end, yz seat, new bars, ASV levers, new bars, etc. I based it on the build they did in one of the mags - think it was Dirt Rider....anyway, she loved the results! Always wanting to go faster, she's moved up to a CRF 250x - I had to lower that for her, but it worked out great. Now, unfortunately that great little "Mini WR" as they called it, is just sitting in the garage. I guess I'll be selling it at some point. I cringe thinking of all the $$ and time I put into that bike. But she did love it while she rode it. Guess it was all worth it.
  6. jmattor

    Athena Big Bore...?

    I've ridden two different 250X's with the Athena kit installed. Both bikes ripped. The torque increase is very noticeable. One of the bikes is still running the big bore - 2nd season, no problems at all. The other was returned to stock with the last valve replacement - switched back to Ti from SS valves. Owner felt it was better for very tight single trail/woods riding. I may buy the used kit - IF he'll sell it!
  7. jmattor

    !!!-HELP! HELP! Cal City NEEDS Your HELP - !!!

    Lou, I didn't see this post before putting one up in the General Discussion area...my bad, but like you said, we can't get too much help. I only found out about the meeting today and unfortunately, can't make it. However I have dispatched my representatives from Tehachapi to attend on my behalf (hope they don't get lost!) (or arrested) Please let us know what happens at the meeting and thanks!
  8. I just got a call from my buddy about a meeting in Cal City tonight. Read this link: http://www.californiacity.com/localnews.html Please, if you can make it, fine. If not, then send an email to: editor@calcitynews.com Please voice your concern. We may lose a fantastic riding area due to the bad behavior of a few.
  9. jmattor

    CRFs Only - Complete OEM head with SS valves

    I'm on my second season with KW valves and springs. Valves are still within spec, however when I do replace them I'll use KW again.
  10. jmattor

    TTR 125 to Crf 250x

    Go for it! My wife just stepped up from a fully modded TTR125LE (all the BBR mods w/yz forks) to a 250X and she is in heaven! Worlds of difference. You'll be amazed.
  11. jmattor

    Show Me ths 250x's!!!!!!!

    Here's a shot of mine with my wife's in the backround:
  12. jmattor

    Crf Valves :(

    Use KW SS valves and have AS install and port & polish and you'll be good to go.
  13. jmattor

    Swingarm Bearings

    When you get your parts, go here and watch the video: http://www.pivotworks.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=cInstallationVideos.view&videoid=5 Good luck!
  14. Hey, that's pretty cool! I shelled out a few bucks to buy one for my daughter and her husband as a "Toy hauler warming" gift. Their gennie is on the passenger side and under the awing (poor design if you ask me) and would exhaust right into trailer and to camp circle. The Genturi made a big difference.
  15. jmattor

    Abanded trailer

    For what it's worth, I just helped a buddy install new axles on his W.W. toy hauler. The VIN was stamped on a plate which was welded to the top of the axle. Painted black just like the axle, you wouldn't see it unless you crawled under there and stuck your head up over the axle. Take a look. It may have a VIN tag after all. Did you try posting a "Lost & Found on Craigslist? I'd probably check there if my trailer was stolen.