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    Well, i've been reading forums all day about the 250f's reliability, and let me just say that this subject has been beaten to death!!! However i'm still unclear on it. I want to stay with a honda...do some people just buy the bike from the factory as a lemon, or is their riding style a factor? I ride desert, mx, and trails... I don't ride like a bat out of hell. Would I be doing valve jobs every 5 minutes or what? also i've heard that PC valves solve the problem??? Never had a four-stroke before, let me know.
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    YZF or CRF

    OK, i've heard a lot of bad stuff about the 04, 05 CRF250R. However i havn't heard anything bad about the YZF250. I'm going from a 2003 CR250R to a 250f, I just havnt decided which to go with. Help me out...