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  1. lsnchanz

    More MX Kids!

    The song is from Hot Action Cop - "Dirt Bike Rider"
  2. lsnchanz

    More MX Kids!

    Check out more good riding from the kids... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8729321718684499300&q=%22Dirt+Bike+Riders%22+playable%3Atrue&pr=goog-sl
  3. Here are the 4 clips from volume 2 of "The New Generation". All 8 clips for volume 1 and 2 are located at the following address... http://www.putfile.com/mx245 BTW - Cameron just placed 3rd in the 50cc 7-8 and 4th in the 65cc 7-9 at the Des Moines Arenacross on Sunday!
  4. Here are the 4 main clips from volume 1 of The New Generation DVD that I created of my son and his friends. Cal is 8, Cameron is 7 and MacKenzie is 12. If you select the Original viewing option, I think it looks better instead of the 480 resolution option. http://www.putfile.com/mx245/media Hope you enjoy...
  5. lsnchanz

    Video of my son and his friends

    I dropped off a copy of the entire DVD to Shane Friday night so he could play it during the open house this weekend. I haven't stopped down there this weekend but might today to put my order in for some Beriks for the boy.
  6. lsnchanz

    Video of my son and his friends

    Performed all the editing in Windows Movie Maker.
  7. lsnchanz

    Video of my son and his friends

    You're right about the ads, I wasn't thinking about those when I posted that. Good on DVD at home for the friends and kids but bad for the Internet. Thanks for all the nice comments. I think I'll post the entire DVD (27 minutes is all) in sections out here in the next 24 hours. Thanks again!
  8. Here is a sample clip (4 min.) of the DVD I just finished of my son and his friends. The boy he rides with is Cameron McAdoo (7 years old) who just finished 4th overall at the U.S. Open in the 4-6 class and this kid is really good! You don't get to see all his riding skills in this clip but he is on the 65 and the 85 during this sample. I tried to keep some of the quality so it is a 16 meg file so sorry about the buffer time required. Let me know what you think. Thanks! http://media.putfile.com/NewGeneration