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    New Jetting Help...Colorado

    160 main jet 3rd needle clip stock pilot jet 1.5 turns fuel screw. How did you come up with the settings? I would like to learn how to caculate my own jetting for temp and elevation, but cant find the information anywhere... I found some information on a XLS caculator that was avalable, but no luck w/ the author emailing it to me. Also is the "fuel screw" the same as the mixture screw that the yamaha service manual refers to? How much diff. would a 168 (what is in it now) vs. 160 (your recomendation) make? Thanks Billy
  2. I just bought my first motorcycle (2004 Yamaha YZ250F) and am having trouble getting the jetting figured out. I live in Colroado Springs, CO (6200'elv) and also ride Denver (5000'elv) to Woodland Park (8500'elv). 1) Popping at deceleration. 2) noticing black (carbon) build-up in pipe and exhaust 3) quick snap to throttle (idle to mid position) and it will stall or bog. Main Jet is 180 STD What jet to use? Clip Position? Any web sites that will help a begginer out? Thanks Billy