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  1. About an hour ago, the San Benito Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to re open all roads previously closed in the CCMA. They also voted unanimously to support Alternative "A" put forth from the BLM stating that things will go back to the way things were before this fiasco. A letter of recommendation will be submitted by the Board of Supervisors to Sam Farr, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer outlining their support for the same as well as a detailed financial impact report reflecting current and past figures. They will also send a request for an inquiry into the details behind the closure of the CCMA. My brothers, a great victory has been won today! We have rallied our local government to stand up for our sovereignty in affairs that directly affect us all. I would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting today. You have made the grade as shown in the form of a unanimous vote. I would also like to thank all of you that emailed your concerns to the Board of Supervisors. The pile of printed emails was no less than 2 inches thick and was presented before the board who will ultimately pass them to the BLM field office in Hollister. I would like to most sincerely thank the San Benito County Board of Supervisors for showing an instance of true leadership! Thank you and God Save Clear Creek!
  2. Mudflappus

    Save Clear Creek Video

    A few months ago I solicited for pictures to use in a Save Clear Creek Video. A few responded with some great pics and I most sincerely thank you for them! You have now been immortalized in a video that has prospects for going national via Youtube and a few other outlets. It may be seen here: http://www.foccma.org/ It's on the member's page. If you're not a member yet, please join. It's free and you'll have access to the latest information as to what's going on regarding the CCMA. You can also find it in the video section over on the South Bay Riders Forum.
  3. Mudflappus

    I need photographs . . .

    C'mon guys, I'm trying to do my part to get and keep Clear Creek back open again. I see that at least 65 of you have at least looked at this post. LOA work takes more than posting your opinions in a forum and donating five bucks to the BRC every couple of years. This would cost you nothing but a little time. I'd heard from some folks who are active volunteers and activists in several organizations around here that I'm wasting my time coming to Thumpertalk. Please help me prove that you guys do indeed care enough about land use to get involved. Please.
  4. Mudflappus

    I need photographs . . .

    Hi everyone, a week ago I was contacted by the Friends of Clear Creek Management Area concerning a protest song that I have written and recorded. The idea is to use this song to generate interest as well as donations toward getting The Creek openned back up again. We kicked around the idea of a video to accompany it and what I now need are photos of generations of folks recreating in Clear Creek. Family shots would be best. I am friends with Mike Wubbels who chairs the FOCCMA and believe that he may be on to a good thing here. If you've got some old pictures sitting around that represent you and your family enjoying Clear Creek, please send them to me at mudflappus@yahoo.com. I can't provide anything other than my heartfelt thanks for helping out nor can I guarantee that I'll be able to use everything that I'm sent. The song is acoustic and (despite my passion about the subject matter) is not full of vulgarity. Thanks for your consideration.
  5. I have seen some of these things advertised and while it's a cool idea, I just can't imagine replacing my current ride with one. My question is this: If the mainstream dirt bike manufacturers built a bike that weighed less than what is standard, delivered more torque, had an equivelent or greater range and could be recharged in the field with something like small chemical battery chargers, would you consider one? If you said no, what additional features would an electric dirt bike have to have in order to change your mind
  6. Mudflappus

    why not diesel dirtbikes?

    http://autospeed.com/cms/A_2823/article.html I know it's not in a bike but this engine's a beast. I think the technology for bike sized, light weight high performance diesel will be a reality before too long.
  7. Mudflappus

    Just renewed my AMA membership

    As hopeful as I am about it, Mike Poole of the BLM might just get his way and keep the place closed permanantly. It was never about public safety. It's about litigous liability. Thanks to all of the lawyers who are making a really good living from asbestos litigation, we are losing the CCMA.
  8. Mudflappus

    Just renewed my AMA membership

    It was a little harder to justify renewing my membership this time around given the way the AMA is screwing around with sanctioning events in and around District 36. If it weren't a requirement of the club I'm in, I'd probably tell them to piss off and just support Outlaw events. Oh well, at least I can sleep better tonight knowing that the AMA has worked so hard to keep some unknown minor street through a gated community in New Hamshire open for street bikes. Thanks AMA.
  9. Mudflappus

    Wearing Glasses with goggles

    How do they work in really dusty environments?
  10. Mudflappus

    Wearing Glasses with goggles

    They do work well but if you get a case of the steamy sweats on a cold day at an enduro checkpoint they fog up faster than the back of a Chevy Malibu at the Senior Prom.
  11. Mudflappus

    motocross sayings

    Turn the gas on dummy.
  12. How many of you guys wear glasses under your goggles? I've spoken with a guy that had some custom goggles made with his prescription lenses built into them but he told me that the lenses are separate from the main part of the goggle and that he had a problem with dust building up in between them. After spending the last week riding in Nevada I just about went crazy trying to keep my specs clean. Anyone have a solution for your blind brothers?
  13. Mudflappus

    Violent Backfires

    It sounds like you may have more than just a single issue. Definatley check your timing and verify that there are no air leaks around the carb boot. I'd also check your valve adjustment. That would be a good start. A little more info would help.
  14. Mudflappus

    Any Sneakers around?

    Are there any members from the Sneakers MC floating around in here? The first wave of Ramblers is due out to the Hot Tub on the 12th of October. Danm Nevada's a blast!
  15. Mudflappus

    Just bought it, have question!!

    Yep, it sounds like the starter cog isn't disengaging. Yank the cover and check the mechanism. Double check for any loose or boken pieces in the bottom of the case too.