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  1. gibdog205

    I'm not racist see proof

    i want that
  2. gibdog205

    Draining the gas

    you dont have to siphone your gas ot the tank, just disconnect the fuel line from the carb put it in a container and open the fuel shut off. this will drain your tank quick and clean.
  3. gibdog205

    What Got You into Dirtbiking?

    as far back as i can remember i always wanted to ride, must have been born with it. Even when i was real little and never even had a bike or even ridden one yet i would stare at them in the store or magazines. I cant wait to buy one for my son in a couple years, hope he likes them as much as i do. I think my daughter my have the bike bug already she is 15 months and when ever she sees my bike she says wow wee. Might have to get her one too.
  4. gibdog205

    Worst Products You Have Ever Bought?

    motosport outlet tiedowns, they work great if yo want your want your bike to go for a ghost ride
  5. gibdog205

    Riding with wimps! :rant:

    you probably wont have to worry about it anymore after he reads this
  6. gibdog205


    nothin like getting pelted with a good roost only to give it back after you pass
  7. gibdog205

    check out this pic!!!

    id rather not thanks
  8. gibdog205

    Coolest KTM I've seen?

    pegs, shocks, lucky
  9. gibdog205

    AWD DirtBike?

    yeah i saw someone riding one in a gncc race a while back
  10. gibdog205

    Get a Leatt Brace A.S.A.P.

    ive been thinking about getting one myself
  11. i think about 8 on a rupp L100
  12. are you all set with this problem or still need help?
  13. gibdog205

    06 250 Sxf

    No real down sides to me. Seams to me to have more engine brake to me when you let off the throttle than other bike ive had and ridden, no linkage and the seats are pretty hard. You get used to that and there is so much i like about my 06 those things seam pretty minor.