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  1. JTaylor1991

    Need help with TTR125 L VRS LE purchase.

    The electric star is awsome but if you havent bought one yet then ive got one for sell about 1500 bucks. Its in nice condition witha few scratches on the fender. I just outgrew it. my email is: the_cool_guy09@yahoo.com
  2. JTaylor1991

    TT-R250 too much for total newb?

    If u have a friend thatll let you get used to riding with his then do that for a month or two, and then buy a new ttr250
  3. JTaylor1991

    im selling my ttr 125

    Its in nice condition with a few scratches on it from the one wreck it has been in. It runs fine but i just outgrew it. It is the perfect bike for a begginer, has a new and better chain on it. It is good for begginers because it is a trail bike but has been modded a little so you cant jump on it still. I took it a track once and it ran fine. Im about 110 pounds and 5-5. I just needed a more hardcore racing bike.
  4. Im looking for one or maybe a 300 4 stroke. it needs to be in a decent condition. 02-06 year model, and a decent price.