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  1. i wuz lookin to evetnually ungrade to a crf250x. i wuz wondering how much more maintanance there is...since the bike is liquid cooled is there alot more maitnance like fillin it up over nd over ?
  2. to loosen my boots up i squated in front of the tv nd watched an mx race for bout a half hour
  3. how much did that cost? did u have to get ne thing machined?
  4. there are cr85 fork kits all over the place.....i wuz windering if i could try n put cr125 forks on my crf230....could it work?
  5. last time i did that i flipped and broke my shoulder...could this be because i didnt let off the gas enough?
  6. thtas sweet man....i like...the wierd thing is the word easy on the graphics hmmmm...i want that motard so i can go street wen im 18
  7. 1.u will need to rejet and 2 its a good pipe
  8. shifting in a wheelie is hard for me...i broke my shoulder from it now im afraid to shift
  9. www.maier-mfg.com i had the same problem then i found maier there the only company to make for our bikes
  10. if ne 1 has a skematic/piks of this it wud be greatly appreciated
  11. i am wondering where the revbox location wuz stock on a 2003 xr100. i thought it wuz behind the # plate like my 230 but my dad swears it wuz under the gas tank where it wuz recently moved after puttin in a new 1...and also isnt a rev box the same as a cdi box/ignition box?
  12. im not exactly sure bout the size might be a little small...i just bought a rear from dunlop for my friends xr
  13. white or blk cuz there is way 2 much red on dees bikes
  14. damn thats a bad ass bike man i llike it....i wanna do sumthing like that wit my 230...im guessing it weighs alot less now.
  15. i wuz lookin @ thta which model shud i get for my 230 the xr200? xr250?