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  1. jetcycles

    My Pitbike keeps backfiring

    this is commonly caused bt the carb boot being loose and allowing more/too much air to flow in, resulting in a lean condition. First place i would check would be the connections to the airbox/carb/engine. Let me know what you find.
  2. jetcycles

    Terminater or Rocketa parts availibility?

    www.roketa.com has a forum and parts pages if you look around. they can get you the parts you need.
  3. jetcycles

    Sprocket help

    can any of you pitbike wizards tell me what sprockets will fit a Roketa 21c? i tried a search with no luck. thank you for your time.
  4. jetcycles

    where to buy good qaulity,upgradeable pitbike for about750$$?

    not sure where you are located b/c i'm too lazy to look, but these exact roketa bikes (ebay link abouve)can be bought in the crate in houston for $400. I looked at them the other day, and decided that it was not worth the cash IMO. (at least the one i looked at looked like a POS) Not trying to sway your decision bro, just giving my opinion on the roketa above.
  5. jetcycles

    Pitbike retard looking for advice

    I think I'm going with the pitster pro. thanks guys.
  6. jetcycles

    pitster pro dealer in texas?

    can you e-mail me at jetrice@hotmail.com? not sure if this pm is working. thanks. joe
  7. jetcycles

    pitster pro dealer in texas?

    any one know where to buy a pitster pro for the best price, I'm lookin for 2 of them. Any dealers in texas?
  8. jetcycles

    Pitbike retard looking for advice

    how many hours on that motor bro? bike looks good otherwise, got any more pics? location?
  9. jetcycles

    Pitbike retard looking for advice

    What parts are interchangeable on the vinco?(which engine is in the sport model? Upgrading is not a problem for me, but parts availability may be. Now I'm looking at the pitster pro, but still unsure of which way to go. I'm a college kid on a budget, so thank you guys for helping me make an educated decision.
  10. jetcycles

    Pitbike retard looking for advice

    thanks for the quick help. the more i read, the more it seems that none of these are perfect, and i just have to figure out which platform i want to work with. They are all so similar IMO, so I'm gonna make a spreadsheet and weigh out the pro's and cons of each bike, and then see what sort of deals i can find on those bikes. Any more guidance is REALLY appreciated.
  11. jetcycles

    Thumpstar Help

    i would say your lean as well. lean is bad IMHO, and i would definately richen that carb up a bit before putting in too much more seat time. Running too lean can cause damage rather quickly.
  12. jetcycles

    Pitbike retard looking for advice

    thanks for looking guys. I'm only asking this question b/c i cannot decifer the answer from reading through these pages, and i know you are all more experienced than me when it comes to pitbikes. I'm looking to spend around 1500 for a pitbike. I have two models in mind, the Vinco for $1000 or the 2006 RC125X. I plan on setting the bike up for motard style riding, but I'm sure i will take it through some trails as well, and I would be lying if i said I didn't plan on jumping the bike a little. If it helps, I'm 6 ft & 165 lbs. I know parts break(I race MX on ATV's) so a little wrenching is not a problem for me at all, I rather enjoy it. Also, parts availability doesn't seem to be too much of an issue for these two choices, so I'm not worried about that. Any other similar bikes you guys would recommend? BTW, It will never be raced. I may ride her hard, but i'll never put her up wet. thank you for your time and knowledge. Joe