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  1. 125RippenRider

    R.I.P Kevin Parks

    After I heard the news during the race, I felt so sick that I just sat there. My thoughts go out to the friends and family of Kevin. I never got the chance to speak with him, but I have ridden on the same track with him and it was an honor.
  2. 125RippenRider

    How does a 200 compare too a 125?

    My 125 is fun on the trails but I am sure that a 200 would be better for the trails because of the low end grunt and the gearing. For most of th tight stuff I ride, It is between second and third gear so it gets irritating. But for track, Go with the 125 all the way.
  3. 125RippenRider

    kickstand on sx ?

    I go with the TrailTech stands because they are crazy strong and good looking! Mounted one right on to my 06 125Sx and is great!
  4. I have a 2005 250 sxs-f and I was wondering if I could change the motor out to a 250 2T motor to get some more power and possibly be lighter? Being that the bikes are almost the same, I would think that the motor mounts are the same?
  5. 125RippenRider

    Renthal Twinwalls???

    I had a couple of Renthal Twinwalls that came with the used bikes my dad and I got. They are just the KTM bend but I took off the crossbar pad and the crossbar was cut with a hack saw on all of the Twinwalls?? Does anyone do this? I am thinking it is for added flexability... Any help would be nice.
  6. Dang dude! Nice job with the bike....
  7. 125RippenRider

    Help please!!! 09 yz125 or 09 125sx

    The Yamahas have great suspension but I have a KTM 125 with a bunch of motor stuff and revalved suspension and It friggin hauls. So fast. I think KTM's have more engine. go KTM!
  8. 125RippenRider

    04 125sx Sprocket seal

    I have the same leaking problem... I guess I got to go get one of those tools.
  9. 125RippenRider

    Suspension Question

    Mine were sent in to Pro Circuit and set up for some amatur (Tommy Weecks) But I love how it is set up. I would go with a full revalve because you can (Only go as fast as the suspension will let u go)......
  10. 125RippenRider

    06 125SX Front Sprocket seal leaking.

    I have a 06 125SX and I noticed that the front sprocket is leaking. I am pretty sure there is an aftermarket sprocket on it so I am not sure if that makes a difference. Anyone know a website where i can get a new seal for my bike? Nothing has been dinged or screwed with so I am not sure why it was leaking. Any help would be cool.
  11. 125RippenRider

    Needing a spark arrestor

    LIKE I said Before, I noticed no difference in the power delivery of my 125Sx. The Pro Circuit Nature Friendly seems just the same to me. But who knows, I am pretty light for my weight so my 125 Hauls my ass pretty fast. Also after the break in time of the Nature Friendly, It really sounds nice and tingy...lol
  12. 125RippenRider

    Needing a spark arrestor

    Don't know if you already got a silencer, But I have a Pro Circuit Nature Friendly Silencer and I noticed no difference in the power delivery. And it doesn't use a spark arrester! It is about $125.
  13. 125RippenRider

    Has the sx 125 impoved much since 2005?

    I have a 06 that I really love...haha Ummm I think KTM just did suspension upgrades. If you have the money, I would revalve the suspension by like Pro circuit.
  14. 125RippenRider

    2004 Ktm 125sx

    Yaaaa dude whay to get a 125. I got one and It is really modded out and it smokes 450's and thay are really light. I havn't really raced it alot but I can tell it is FAST...
  15. 125RippenRider

    what is this?? ktm

    I am sure that it is not a 125 because my 125 does not look like that at all. I think it is a 200, 250, or 300. Probably like a 2003-04 model.