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  1. After reading some old post found that if the float is getting stuck open it can fill the oil pan with gas.....when I bought it the gas the previout owner had in it had mysteriously disapeared??? my buddy said the oil level was a little high??? Yesterday I pulled the skid plate popped out the oil plug and here comes about two gallons of gasoline with a slight black tint to it ....... ....so I fill it up with oil perform the ritual kich 7 times deco open 1 slow kick till lever pops into place then kicked like a sissy...Once .....Twice....Vroom!!! the stupid thing started right up on the second kick I was only kicking it about 35% power and it purred like a lion... My buddy and I could not belive it ....I can kick this thing like it was a 50 Next step is to set the float level and get a new petcock (it leaks constantly) does anyone have suggestions on where to pick up a good petcock ....should I get the stock one and reconnect the vacum line or should I get one that has on /off/ Res and capp off the vacum line. Right now I have a second shut off valve I put in the fuel line so I can control the flow. And the vacum line is capped off. Is their any advantage to the stock petcock???
  2. No sir I did not change the float seat o-ring and it isn't in the best shape. The o-ring is weird looking it is flat and tall about 1/8 inch tall I will tear it apart again and set the float level correctly Thanks for your patience with me
  3. Ok here are some pics of my right leg exercise machine! This pic show I have 142.5 jet ..needle on #4orD notch. Air/fuel mix 1turn out BOTH PICS ARE ENLARGABLE In this pic is the lines that were capped when I got the bike to run the first time. The only thing I changed on sunday was i Put a 12" clear 3/8 vinyl tube on the hole that is labeled vent?? Pic2
  4. Thanks for the info this is what I did this weekend. Tore the carb apart. Replaced the o-ring on the float assembly. Checked the float needle (perfect) Found it has a 142.5 Main Jet , I installed K&N Filter , Stock Pipe, Needle is set to the fourth position from the top. (#4) Or (D). Petcock is busted dribbles from the vacum side. Capped that off. Then installed clear fuel hose- filter and valve that I can control the flow with {temporary}....Set the air fuel mix to 1 turn out (that was what most people recommeded.) Moved the float level down so when the bowl was full none came out of the overflow. But when I drained the bowl a fair amount of fuel was in the bowl. Put duct tape over the side opening of the Airbox since the previous owner didn't have it...(On the carb) Capped off what I belive to be the vacum line for the petcock. I am not sure if it is the vacum line but it was capped the first time I got this thing to run. It is in my pic it is a Brass barbed at the bottom front of the carb. And put a 12 inch 3/8 Hose on the port I belive to be the vent for the carb. Not sure. Put in a Brand new DPR9EA9 -NGK Spark plug. Which we tested for spark, it is good. Finally My friend and I kicked this beast for about 3 Hours (REALLY!!!) It didn't even sputer cough backfire sneeze or fart!!! We used all the methods posted on starting nothing. I KNOW this bike runs and has no Major Problems, I seen someone ride it a Week ago then shut the bike off.
  5. Thank you for your help me and desert storm will try all of you suggestions he is helping me get the bike in question running. I do believe the air fuel mix screw is already exposed so we will mess with that also the vent on the side of the carb( I think after looking at vent mod pics) is plugged with hose and bolt also the same on the petcock vent should I leave this seeing how this is how it was when i bought it((even thought it took a 1-1/2 hout to get it running)) or do the vent mod first? and what do i do with the vent hose on the petcock leave it closed or connect it to ...something??? thanks for all your help it is really appreciated PS the float assembly looks real chep I'm afraid to touch it when we put the carb back together it kinda wigles a bit so we used a small screwdriver to apply some pressure around that little oring and it sounded like it snapped into place but the whole assembly still has a little wiggle in it is that normal or should I get some after market float ??? it just seems really fragile to me how do you adjust the float level on that thing any way???