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  1. fenix1

    suzuki are the best

    sike Suzuki bikes are great and all but there not reliable don't get wrong i love them i ride my friends Suzuki all the time but u just cant depend on them even all u Suzuki lover cant deney it they just aren't even close to as reliable as a Honda or yamaha
  2. fenix1

    CRF 80 jetting with new pipe

    the fmf pipe is great for an 80 and the best part is no rejetting
  3. fenix1

    02 cr250 woods mods???

    get a 4-stroke 2 -stroke for the track not the woods
  4. fenix1

    Which Bike Is Better???

    the crf150 everything else isn't even a challenge the crf150 is faster, more reliable,suspension better and perfect for tall or small person and a killer on the trails
  5. fenix1

    rear tire

    is it just me or what my crf150 seems like the back tire slides all over the place what can i do about this
  6. fenix1

    crf150 starting

    me and my brother just bought two crf150's and they wont start we made sure the gas was on the key was turned on and the choke was set right Why wont they start they are brand new anyone with any ideas plz help me thx
  7. fenix1

    bbr exhaust

    Do i have to rejet my crf150 if i put a bbr exhaust on it
  8. fenix1


    go honda and yamaha yerp the two best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i am going to get to bbr exhaust but what color should i get i cant find any pics so i dont no which will look better can someone send me some pics plz oh and do i have to rejet and if so to what
  10. fenix1


    is the crf230 similar to the 250 in such areas as speed or is the 250 a lot faster
  11. fenix1


    what is the horsepower of a crf250r
  12. fenix1

    crf 230

    i am comparig many bikes and i am wondering how much horsepower the crf230 has
  13. fenix1

    yz 85

    i am comparing many bikes i would like to know how much horsepower the yz 85 has
  14. what can you do to get a little more ground clearance that isnt to expensive and is effective
  15. fenix1

    crf 80 gas mileage

    What is the gas mileage of a crf80