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    Carb leaking

    The carb was easy to remove, you just have to follow the directions from the Service manual or Clymer to the T and you'll be fine. I was a bit intimidated at first, because you have to remove so many components to get to it, but is really no big deal. I remove the seat, the side panels and the the subframe and the mufler. It took me about an hour but if I had to do it again, it would prob only take about 20 minutes. For the subframe, afteryou take out the top screw, just loosen the bottom ones instead of taking them out. As soon as you loosen them the whole thing will swing out of the way. I had the hardest time with the little spring clamps that all the hoses have, they area real bitch to take off. I guess you have to have the right tool. I wish I knew what tool that was. My Honda mechanic, told me that he uses a purple cleaner, such as purple power to disolve all the gunk. Apparently works very well, but it is caustic, so you cant let the body sit on it for very long and you must rinse it very, very well. Yesterday, I bought a paint size can of carb cleaner at Advance Auto PArts, which is non-flamable and it includes a basket to soak the parts. I plant o take the carb apart this weekend and soak it well. You will have to buy the gasket replacement kit forthe carb (around $23 from Honda) and the mufler gasket. got to go to work, good luck. Peter
  2. palonso

    Carb leaking

    Ok, the carb is out (piece of cake). When I took the bowl apart the problem was evident. A entire bowl is lined with gas residue and a smal hard piece was jamming the bowl valve. The previous owned left the bike sit around for too long and dried up the carb. I sprayed it with regular, highly flamable, carb cleaner but it did't do much. Any recommendations for an effective and perhaps non-flamable carb cleaner? I'm guessing I will have to take it apart even more and soak it for a while? I'll be buying the gasket kit tomorrow since the bowl gasket was also cut and patched. Is there anything in the carb that I shouldtakeapart for a good cleaning? I almost forgot, I took the muffler off, and the manual mentions replacing the muffler gasket (where it connects to the header). How do I remove the old one, which is well seated inside the muffler? Also, those little hose clamps that Honda loves to use are a btich to take off. What is the proper tool or technique to loosen them and get them out of the way? Tia for the info Peter
  3. palonso

    Carb leaking

    I've tried tapping with no sucess. I'll be taking the carb out next. I'm sure that once is out the problem and cure will be straight forward. Do you guys replace the bowl gasket every time? have you found a source for them without having to buy the entire gasket kit?
  4. palonso

    Carb leaking

    Hello everyone, I just brought home my first dirt bike in 2 decades an '02 XR400. What a beaut !! Anyway, got home, unloaded the bike ,took the bike for a quick spin on the yard. Ran fine. When I parked it in the garage, I notice that a significant amount of gasoline was comming out out the carb fuel drain line. I had to shut the gas valve off the stop it. I have a basic understanding how a carb works. My first thought was that the float was stuck. I'm not sure how to proceed. Any ideas ? I would love to hear from you. Also, got any advise on what manuals to buy?? I already have the Honda Service manual. TIA Peter