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  1. patoke

    Good Service Manual

    I have a 2006. Can I use the Clymer manual for the 2005 or are their differences?
  2. patoke

    Any X riders in Norcal

    I got my "new to me" 06 450X a few weeks ago and I am itching to go ride it at Carnegie. Are there any other X owners in Norcal?
  3. patoke

    Rekluse Clutch?

    Thanks johnnyairtime
  4. patoke

    Does anyone use a 110/90-18 rear tire

    Maybe my brain is working slow today but why is it only a half inch lower? The diameter of a 110/90 versus a 110/100 in nearly an inch less. Maybe you guys meant it was only 1/2" because the 1" drop was only in the rear, not the front. The Kouba only drops the rear .75" and it costs $140 and reduces wheel travel in the rear. The smaller diameter wheel/tire would not reduce wheel travel, right? It should actually increase the distance the wheel can travel before bottoming out on the rear fender. If the 1/2" was because the smaller rear tire only affects the rear, then there is not reason why you couldn't raise the forks like the Kouba kit recommends, right? I feel like I am missing something here though.
  5. patoke

    E-start does nothing but bike start on kick start

    Good point but I did check the main fuse. The spare is actually missing so at least by me checking I realized that I need to get another spare.
  6. patoke

    Rekluse Clutch?

    johnnyairtime, Do you still have the rekluse? I tried to send you a PM but it says you have exceeded our limit or amount stored or something? Pat
  7. For those of us riders who are not long legged, it seems like the only options to get the bike closer to the ground are shaving the seat, a lowering link, cutting the subframe, or having a suspension shop take away suspension travel to lower the bike. All of these solution have drawbacks in my opinion, except maybe shaving the seat foam. Does anyone ride a 110/90-18? I realize that you lose the added sidewall which helps avoid pinch flats but that seems like the only drawback or am I missing something? A 110/90 is approximately 1" lower than a 110/100. It seem like a cheap and easy way to lower your bike an inch. I wonder if it would screw up the geometry of the bike though. The other issue is the lack of available tires in that size but they do make them and if enough people wanted them, I am sure a manufacturer would step up (some day) if they say a profit opportunity.
  8. patoke

    18" vs 19" rim

    Don't the 18" wheels lower the bike as well or do the X's come with a larger/taller tire to offset the smaller diameter wheel?
  9. patoke

    E-start does nothing but bike start on kick start

    I will try that, good idea.
  10. I am having a rough week. First the CS seal starts leaking and now that it is fixed the e-start does nothing. It doesn't turn over the engine at all. It started fine two days ago on the e-start but not anymore. It starts on one kick with the kickstarter and the battery is fully charged. I actually replaced the battery less than a month ago. I checked the cable where they attach to the battery and they look fine and are tight. I checked the main fuse and it looked a tiny bit corroded but it was not blown. Does anyone have any thoughts? I am guessing it might have to do with the switch or the connection where the wire plug in from the switch. I will try and check the connection there but is it common for the switches to go bad. What about a connection at the starter itself?
  11. patoke

    Short inseam tall bike

    I will buy it. I pm'd you a little bit ago.
  12. patoke

    Short inseam tall bike

    Does anyone know how the pros lower their bikes? With the size of jumps they go off of I don't think losing a suspension travel is an option.
  13. patoke

    Step Seat

    Is it the same height as a non step seat? If so, which part is the same height? The lower seation or upper section?
  14. Are the shrouds the same on a 2006 X and 2006 R? Is the only difference the headlight and rear fender that has the tail light?