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  1. Interested... Did you shorten the forks? Any pix of the actual stem? Thanx
  2. CEEZ

    crf100 tk racing suspension link

    Any update or projected production date on these? IMO I would make the bushings/bearings OEM size, that way it is easier to source replacement parts, stock or aftermarket. Having custom bearing & bushings was a disadvantage of the TK link...gotta make it feasible to replace worn parts. Thanks.
  3. CEEZ

    XR80 - No spark

    Thank you, sir.
  4. CEEZ

    XR80 - No spark

    I agree you wouldn't have change the crankshaft, but being a 1985...the crankshaft bearings could possibly be worn or crankshaft timing sprocket worn. Just use a torque wrench to tighten the flywheel nut NOT an impact wrench. Yes, I am Cayden Cycle from eBay. Why do you ask?
  5. CEEZ

    Does this xr100 spark plug look ok?

    You must be high[emoji3]... altitude that is...
  6. CEEZ

    XR100 Big Bore Kit Question

    I second ickfinger...you need a ATC200X carb or Mikuni VM26....
  7. CEEZ

    Does this xr100 spark plug look ok?

    These little bikes come jetted LEAN from the factory, to meet emissions. It is always a good idea to go up 1 or 2 main jet sizes and experiment with 1 size up on the pilot jet. that is what I do with all my NEW bikes & ATVs .
  8. CEEZ

    XR80 - No spark

    Save the headache and hassle change the crankshaft to 1992-2013 and convert to CDI .
  9. CEEZ

    Crf80f super moto

    That's gettin' TOO low...
  10. CEEZ

    Timing alignment issue xr100

    The crankshaft sprocket tooth should be lined up with the flywheel key way. The "O" on the camshaft sprocket should be perpendicular to the cylinder head, actually at around the 11 o'clock mark because the cylinder/cylinder head are not completely vertical. Most of the time these crankshaft sprockets are not properly installed from the factory...how did the timing get this far off? Too advanced DETONATION ...
  11. 1 FULL quart you will be over full, you may push oil out of the seals or the crankcase tube.... You will probably be OK though.
  12. CEEZ

    Hard clutch pull

    Use a CR85R, clutch lever & perch probably the same as CRF150R clutch lever & perch. It is a little longer, easier to pull you have to LOVE physics....
  13. CEEZ

    Crf 80f cylinder head

    FYI 80s have the crankcase nipple for venting horizontally 100s have the crankcase nipple for venting vertically. Also that head is from pre-1979 XL100...
  14. CEEZ

    100 cylinder on a 80 engine

    I actually sell a 95cc kit on eBay[emoji106]
  15. Old question probably... If I have a bigger piston with a 13mm wrist pin, can I put a 100 cylinder on a 80 engine. I know there is the oil galley thing, right? If I can't use the 100 cylinder, I will have to resleeve a 80 cylinder. I thank everyone for their input.