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  1. JStrom

    DR650 troubles

    Folks; I need your help! I've got on 04 DR and at the end of the month I'm supposed to be off on a 4000Km ride with her. This week I was out for a spin and had turned off the ignition at a ralway crossing while waiting for a train for about 10mins. When I turned the ignition switch back on and hit the starter button, no action. There was no headlight either. I pushed it up on the sidewalk and tried a few minutes later with no luck. I reurned a few hours later with a trailer and when I turned on the ignition switch the headlight and neutral light came on and when I hit the starter button there was single "pop" sound toward the rear of the bike and the headlight and neutral light went out, and evrything stayed dead. I hauled the bike to to my trusty dealer just b4 closing time. The next day, the bike started right up for the dealer and they checked the battery, charging system and for loose wires and said they couldn't find anything wrong! I'm a tad nervous about riding off to the wilds of Newfoundland with an unfixed elctrical problem. Has anyone run across this situation or have any ideas?
  2. JStrom

    DR650 Aqualine tank

    Yesterday I had my first chance to dip into the reserve of the mighty 30 liter Safari tank on the DR. I switched both petcocks to reserve only to sputter to a halt about 20km later. The mystery is that there was still about 3 inches of fuel showing on both sides of the tank (my guess is that there was several liters of fuel remaining.) Has anyone else run into this situation? Is there anything that can be done to access the remaining fuel?
  3. JStrom

    Just bought a new DR 650

    Which seat and tank did you buy?? JStrom (now also JJDR)
  4. JStrom

    2004 DR650 vs 2006 DR650

    Gents; Has the DR been updated since 2004. I know Suzuki went to a metal base gasket in 03 or 04, but have they made any other changes. Thanks JStrom