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  1. HOTROD827

    New to the forum help with decision!!!!!!!

    Where are you guy's from getting a 06 for that cheap. I'm in N.C. and they want sell'em around here for less than 6600.00 otd. I finally got my dealer to throw in a set of bars and 5200.00 otd for a 05 but i still didn't buy it. I'm goin to keep the 2 smoker it's paid for thanks for the help.
  2. HOTROD827

    New to the forum help with decision!!!!!!!

    I'm still looking for a cheaper one and i may have a lead on one about 20 mins away just like these in town new 05's and maybe cheaper. I DON'T MIND MAINTAINING A BIKE. but like I said earlier I dont' want to have the horror story's happen to me. I work in a car dealership and I know people do build lemons some times and there is always two sides to every story.
  3. I have a YZ 250 that I ride now and I got a fella that wants it so im selling it to him. My local dealer has 2 new 05 kxf 250's and wants to get rid of them because the new bikes are here. We have discussed a out the door price of 5300.00 and I fill like it's a good deal. but im affraid of having problems with the four stroke and I have read alot of the forum posts on this site and have saw what I would call as horror storys (broke cams,rounded lifters, transmission problems, etc. Is this a good deal and how good of a bike is the 250f. thanks for the help