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  1. yeah, im deffenitly getting the pitster. from talking to people and hearing all the positive things they said about it, its a nobrainer. thanks alot for all the tips.
  2. im still sceptical about the chain tensioner but fastway or two brothers footpegs look good thanks.
  3. thanks for the advice guys
  4. From what I'm reading the pitster sounds like an awesome buy. I dont mind switching a few parts after buying the bike, I just need some info on what parts to buy for it and where to get them. thanks
  5. gotalf, is the vinco s1 the sportbike for 1000 dollars? if so could you tell me any particulars about it? thanks.
  6. Can anyone tell me anything about the vinco sportsbike,besides it being the best pitbike in the world. 1000 dollars seems kinda funny. I'm not sure what I'm actually looking at but I would like to find out. Thanks