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  1. Anybody make it over Strawberry to Bucks Pasture yet?Snow?
  2. Voting democrat is dirt rider suicide.Greenies are democrats,they 're busy right now trying to close our trails.
  3. USFS meeting tonite,in Placerville 6-9 pm! Supposedly they let us know of trail closures on the lawsuit on El Dorado forest,we'll see.This might be the chance to express complaints,I'll be there,more the better.Building 1 EDD Education center ,off Missouri Flat,or go to,better directions.Dirk Don't lose your trails!!!!!!!
  4. Anyone know the [snow] conditions around Wilson canyon?
  5. USFS trail crew at Rock cr. [Georgetown] 8:30 am Sat feb 11 meet at Bald Mtn. staging area.Need faces to show up to let the Usfs know were interested in helping out to keep the trails open,so they don't come up with excuses like how they closed Forest Hill.I'll be giving up my Sat.,oh well,I'll ride Sun.
  6. Don't forget the quad deflector if your goin to Gold Note. G flatter JK-what's the snow cond. at E flats?3 weeks ago it was more like snow mobiling.OT
  7. Anybody know if there's snow at Elkins Flat?
  8. The yz smokers are sweet.Anyboby know where to get yellow plastic?I saw an ad,but can't remember where,been searching the web,but no luck.Help please.DP
  9. Reminder-Usfs-El Dorado National Forest- Route designation meeting[possible trail closures].Tonite 12-14-05, 7-9 pm in Placerville,Ca. at El Dorado co. Office of Education,activity center,building 1, 6767 Green Valley rd..Hwy 50 to Missouri Flat rd exit[left,from Sac town],North to Green Valley rd.Need rider support,the greenies should be there.
  10. Usfs El Dorado forest route designation [possible trail closures]meeting tonite 12-14-05 ,7-9 pm in Placerville,Ca. at El Dorado county office of education,activity center,building 1, 6767 Green Valley rd.,hwy.50 to Missouri flat rd.,north to green valley rd.,the greens should be there to discuss their arguments,so should we.
  11. 06 yz250,saweet,major grin factor.B