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  1. ive owned the bike for about 3 months now and it has been running fine till yesterday when i took it out it wouldnt start without the hot start even when cold could this be down to the temperature and needing different jetting settings or could it be more serious pleeeeease help
  2. johnbeckett

    No Spark Crf250r 05

    hey i found the problem the stator had failed as soon as i changed that she fired straight back up well it worked for another hour or so then stopped again. On further inspection i found a valve shim stuck to the magnet on the flywheel and checked the valves straight away to find a shim missing from one of the exhaust valves i havent got a clue how this has happened but she should be up and running again in no time. Just out of interest has anyone had this before or even heard of it?
  3. johnbeckett

    No Spark Crf250r 05

    Riding today bike just stops, at the time i had just come to stop & it stalled, on inspection no spark, checked plug, coil, cdi all ok, no broken wires or loose connections & connect/disconnect kill switch makes a difference, dont know how to check the stator as i feel this is the only place to go, anyone else had a stator go if so does it just stop as mine has or does it play up first, also how do i check the stator? please help! john
  4. johnbeckett

    crf250r gearing

    hi sorry its gonna be a mixture of tight stuff but i think there is a lot of fire roads so im gonna be flat out for alot of the time
  5. johnbeckett

    crf250r gearing

    ok thanks i might try that aswell and see how i get on
  6. johnbeckett

    crf250r gearing

    hi im entering the hafran rally on my lovely 04 crf250r has anyone got any recommendations on what size sprockets to use as ive only used it for motorcross i havent got a clue how it will fair up on an enduro/trail. any help would be very appreciated thanks