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  1. yep, seems to get a little worse when hot. does'nt run as good as stock on top....but is better bottom through mid.
  2. Burned would like your opinion on this. 06 yz250f, stock pipe, vp-4 fuel, boyesen quick shot, power now plus. jd recommended: 180 main, blue-5th clip, stock pilot, 1 3/4 fuel screw. bike now pulls harder low through mid but flattens out & pops on top. i've since been recommended going to a 175 main jet, which i have'nt had time to try yet. my question...does this sound like the correct direction to go, in your opinion ? thanks.....
  3. well, JD already answered so for anyone else 2006 yz250f (w/power now plus) 180 main blue needle, 4th or 5th (he recommended 5th to start) stock pilot fuel screw: 1 3/4 appreciate the help JD
  4. ordered the jd kit and am looking for any suggestions on a starting point ? 2006 yz250f, stock pipe, power now plus, boyesen diaghpram, vp u4 fuel, elavations usually around 500 to 1500 ft. any help would be appreciated. it is a race bike and removing the carb is a pain on this bike.