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  1. im not a fan of small wheelers so go big or dont show it
  2. i never torque my bike. tighten them up but dont go to overbord with it.
  3. i myselfd am a fan of 4 strokes but i cant affored to keep one running. 2 strokes will never loose there place in racing for the simple fact that they will never be beat in the 1/4 and 1/2. thay are also cheeper wich is really nice. but i think the most inportant reason that 2 strokes wil never be out is becasue you can fix them yourself. you can rebuild a top end in like less then an hour. that cant happen in your averve backyard garage with a 4 stroke.
  4. RM250forME

    Spark Plug Question

    it also depends on teh kind of plug u have. if you run a br9es it will foul way easier the if you run a br9eg or br9iex. the better the plug the less you will foul it. i had the same problem with my bike then i started runing iridium plugs and the plug lasted about 3 times as long as the other ones.
  5. RM250forME

    winter riding pics

    dos anyone have pics of riding in the snow with there bikes. last year i rode my rm250 through like 3 feet snow drifts and it went through like no problem just wanted to see if anyone els has pics of the same thing
  6. RM250forME

    LTR450 Vs. YFZ450

    i like the LTR but it is to new. i would get the YFZ because all the bugs are worked out of them. i would wait like a nother year and then it would be the LTR hands down it is the fastest 450 out.
  7. RM250forME

    raptor 700 vs quadracer r450

    hands down the LTR450. it is the top bike rite now.
  8. RM250forME


    take it apart and clean the spring and the parts to the pawer valve. i have the same bike and i needed to ajust the power valve on my bike a couple of times.
  9. RM250forME

    what is the rm250 worth?

    i have a rm250 2002 and i want to sell it. i want a 4 wheeler i was wondering what you gu8ys think it is worth this is what is done bills pipe brand new top end (wisco) brand new hotrod crank new rear wheele bearings brandnew rear tire new springs for the clutch
  10. RM250forME

    Suzuki want a wheeler!!! what to get?

    i went from a 400ex to a rm250 and i loved it but now i want a nother wheeler!!! i have an 02 rm250 and a brand new top end and crank and want to sell it i am going to ask $2500 or best i think i can get $2200 what kind of wheeler should i get i want a new 450 i know i can handle it like nothen but i cant aford it i will have about $3000 what should i try to get. i think i am going to start to getting into GNCC racing wiht it to see what it is like so i need help
  11. RM250forME

    '05/06 RM250 questions...

    i would saty that the YZ has the best suspenchion but i like suzuki the most so i like your choice and the money problem isnt going to be bad. when a 4stroke brakes its big money but when a 2 stroke beakes its generaly not as much to fix it but they brake more.
  12. RM250forME

    new gearing

    the power would be better and the top end would loose a little bit but not much, if u want more botton go with a smaller in the front
  13. RM250forME

    Break in prosedure.

    i wold ride it eesay for a about 15 min then ride it normal. that will make it fine and all the stuff about checking the bolts i would after about 10 hours onm it but untill then i woldnt wrooy about it
  14. RM250forME


    the tire thing is sick i want to do that now hope u had fun
  15. RM250forME

    rm250 problem

    the bike no has a bills pipe on it ad that is all. it is runing rick on the bottom and the middrange the top end is good.